Учебно-методическое пособие для студентов первого курса медицинского колледжа специальностей «Сестринское дело»

 i … him ten thousand pounds last year

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3 Лаб. С (1), rahimgalieva-pakizat-sarmanovna-phd-s-sp
3. i … him ten thousand pounds last year. 
a) lend 
b) lent 
c) was lent 
4. She … of spiders.
a) is frightened
b) frightened
c) frightens

5. That picture … by my grandmother. 
a) paint
b) painted 
c) was painted
6. A cake was made by mother yesterday.
a) made
b) is made 
c) was made
7. A song … by him. 
a) sings
b) is sung 
c) sing 
8. The spider … by the boy. 
a) killed
b) kill
c) was killed 
9. The job … next week. 
a) will finish 
b) finish 
c) will be finished 
10. We ... by a loud noise during the night.
a) woke up 
b) are woken up 
c) were woken up
11. The new computer system ... next month.
a) will install 
b) shall be installed
c) will be installed
12. The children ... to the zoo.
a) go 
b) went 
c) were gone
13. Their engagement ... in the local paper.
a) announced 
b) was announced 
c) is announced
14. When ...the letter… ? 
a).was posted 
b) posted 
c) did post
15. How many doors … yesterday?
a) painted
b) were painted 
c) are painted
16. His umbrella … quite a lot of money.
a) costs b) is cost 
c) was cost
17. Some time ago a letter from my brother … .
a) was come 
b) came 
c) come
18. . … to the children on time?
a) Did the toys sent 
b) Were the toys sent
c) Did the toys were sent
тЕСт № 13
Итоговый тест
Выберите правильный вариант.
1. Where … your husband … five years ago?
a) did … work b) do … work
c) does … work
2. i have ... car. ... car is white. my ... friend has no ... car. 
a) the, — , the, —
b) a, the, a, —
c) a, the,—,— 
3. For breakfast she … a sandwich and a cup of tea.
a) to have
b) have
c) has 
4. i (to write) an English exercise now.
a) write
b) am writing
c) is writing
5. The park gates … at 6.30 p.m. every evening.
a) were locked b) will be locked 
c) are locked
6. …. is collecting stamps.
a) my friend’s hobby 
b) my hobby’s friend
c) my friends’s hobby
7. … you … me at the railway station next Sunday?
a) Will … meet
b) Shall … meet 
c) Do … meet
8. The weather (to change), and we can go for a walk.
a) changed 
b) have changed 
c) has changed
9. You … a good friend. 
b) are
c) am
10. my ... parents are my grandparents.
a) sister’s
b) mother’s
c) friend’s
11. The letter … yesterday.
a) received 
b) was received 
c) were receive
12. i usually go to …college by … bus.
a) the, a b) —, the 
c) —, —
13. Bread … every day. 
a) are eaten 
b) is eaten 
c) eat
14. i live in moscow but … family lives in london.
a) his 
b) their
c) my
15. You (to be) good friends. 
b) are
c) is
16.…you … home at six o’clock yesterday?
a) Do …come 
b) Did…come
c) Does… come
17. i (not to eat) ice cream tomorrow.
a) not eat
b) don’t eat
c) won’t eat
18. nick … to moscow next week. 
a) is sent
b) will be sent
c) was sent
19. mary (to buy) a new hat.
a) bought
b) buys
c) has bought

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