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Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations

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Куанышова Гулдана Мінез, Language f unit 9 2
Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations 

  • No more than 20-25 words per slide

  • Use short bullets that emphasize or reinforce what you are discussing

  • 10 Second Rule – If it takes longer than 10 seconds to read the slide there is too much content

  • Use easier to read sans serif fonts such as Arial, Tahoma, Verdana

  • Use 44 font size for headings, 38 font size for bulleted points, Minimum of at least 28 size font

  • Avoid using black and white for the color of all slides

  • When designing charts make sure to use a contrast of colors

  • Recommended that you use between 3-6 colors per slide

  • Use color to help separate concepts

  • Highlight important information

  • Visuals should match what you are discussing

  • Avoid using too much audio, can be distracting

  • Remember: the presentation is about the content, not about pictures, movies, and audio files

  • Practice beforehand

  • Try moving around the room. Do not stand behind a podium the entire presentation

  • Avoid reading what is exactly on the slide

  • Avoid presentations that have 40-50 slides

  • Try and interact with participants as much as possible by asking questions and include problems, games, cases, questions and tasks within the presentation!

  • 10 Minute Rule – Do not give more than 10 minutes of information at one time. Give students the opportunity to think about what they have just learned and apply this new knowledge to discussions, reviews, and solving problems. This will help better retention and allow for some interaction between participants and the instructor.

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Essay structure

Choose a specific topic.

1. Intoduction (3-4 sentences).

a. Start with Opening sentence (paraphrasing the task), Rhetorical question or Bold statement.
b. Provide Thesis statement sentence (your opinion to the task, show what you are going to talk about!) THE STRONGER IT IS, THE HIGHER SCORE YOU WILL GET!

2. Main body (3-5 individual paragraphs). Start each paragraph with:

a. Topic sentence ( general idea of the paragraph, show what you are going to talk about)
b. Reason/Explanation (be more specific!)
c. Examples
d. Result So what? sentence. ( This is ( information I provided above) important in understanding the that ….)
3. Conclusion (2-3 sentences).
a. Recommendation/suggestion
b. Hope
c. Fear

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