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Exercise 165,  
Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice. 
 A using the Indefinite Tenses (give two forms where possible). 
Example: Tom gave her a book. — She was given a book. The book was given to her. 
1. He broke my watch. 2. The teacher explained the rule to the students. 3. He often asks me to 
help them. 4. They usually do written exercises in class. 5. She will make a new discovery soon. 
6. Steve will make a report at the conference. 7» They play tennis all year round, 8. His friends 
never forgave his betrayal, 9, The manager offers me several jobs. 10. They will promise you 
much, but don't imagine they will give you everything. 11. His parents regularly sent him parcels 
with fruit from their garden. 12. They will give me a leave in JoJy if there is no urgent work. 13. 
The Spanish government offered Columbus three ships, 14. They usually send their children to 
camp for summer. 15. The officer charged him with a very important mission, 16, I'm sure we'll 
settle the matter easily. 17. The policeman fined the driver for exceeding the speed limit 18. 
Somebody calls her every day. 19. We request the passengers leaving for London to register. 20. 
The manager will sign contracts tomorrow. 
В using the Indefinite Tenses (pay attention to prepositions), 
Example: She looks after him well. — He is well looked after (by her).  
1. We sent for the police. 2, They speak much about this book. 3. They often laugh at him. 4. 
They listened to our conversation very attentively. 5.1 think they will wait for us only in a week. 
6. Nobody took notice of his late arrival. 7. We looked through all the advertisements very 
attentively. 8, He was a brilliant speaker, and whenever he spoke, the audience listened to him 
with great attention, 9. They will look after him in hospital much better. 10. Everybody looked at 
her new dress with interest. 11. She sent them for a taxi. 12. People will talk much about the 
successful performance of the young actress. 13, They always make fun of him. 14. The teacher 
pointed out gross mistakes in the translation. 15. He referred to very interesting plans. 
16. They agreed upon Monday as the most suitable day. 17. He did not touch upon this question 
unfortunately. 18. They spoke to him about his promotion yesterday. 
С using the Continuous Tenses. 
Example: They are solving a difficult problem now. — The problem is being solved now. 
1. Don't come in! The professor is examining students. 2. Can I read the article? — No, the 
secretary is typing it. 3. We had to hurry. They were waiting for us. 4. It was noisy. Nobody was 
listening to him. 5. Does he realize that they are laughing at him? 6, Look at this man. I think he 
is following us. 7. Listen carefully! He is giving a very interesting talk. 8, The waiter is serving 
us rather fast, 9. The secretary was looking through morning mail. 10. The interpreter is 
translating their conversation rather well. 11. The briefing is in full swing. The correspondents 
are interviewing the participants of the conference. 12, The company was developing a new 
project. 13. You can't watch the film now. The mechanic is fixing the TV set.                                    
D using the Perfect Tenses 
Example: They have already brought the medicine. — The medicine has already been brought. 
1. You have repaired our house lately. 2. When the fire brigade came, the fire had destroyed the 
building. 3. The athlete has shown much better results since this coach trains him, 4.1 will have 
answered all the business letters by noon. 5. The president of the board has signed the document. 
6. Is she washing the floor? — No, she has already washed it. 1, By his arrival they had repaired 
his car. 8. He has booked the tickets and the clerk will have brought them by 2 o'clock. 9. They 
had painted the house by his arrival. 10. The police haven't found the reason for the accident yet. 
11. Have you touched anything here? 12, The sociologist has interviewed a lot of students. 
13. Have they tested all the machines? 14. The flood has caused considerable damage, 15. John 
will have received the papers by tomorrow. 
E using modal verbs. 
Example: He can do this work. — The work can be done (by him). 

1, She can find a job easily. 2, The matter is urgent. They should phone her immediately. 3, The 
boss wants Mr. Black. You must find him. 4= I can make an interesting offer to you. 5. He's get a 
pay rise and 
they can buy a new house. 6, You must send the document as quickly as 
possible. 7. The weather is warm. She may plant the flowers. 8. The document is of great 
importance. He must show it to us. 9. He must give back the book on Sunday. 10. Their kitchen 
is large and they can use it as a dining room. 11. Ecologists say that we should take care of our 
planet", 12. You must send for the doctor immediately. 13. The lecture is over. You may ask 
questions. 14. You should avoid the center of town during
 rush hours. 15. They agreed that the 
club should raise membership fee. 

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