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Exercise 126.  
Open the brackets and put the verb into the correct tense, either the Past Indefinite or the 
Present Perfect. 
1. You (find) the money which you (lose) yesterday? — Yes, I (find) it in the pocket of my coat 
when I (come) home. 2. The rain (stop) but a strong wind is still blowing, 3. You (see) Nick 
today? — Yes, but he already (leave). 4. We never (see) him. We don't even know what he looks 
like. 5. She (meet) them in the Globus theatre last afternoon. 6. How long you (know) him? — 
We (meet) in 1996, but we (not see) each other since last autumn. 7. He (live) in St. Petersburg 
for two years and then (go) to Siberia. 8. When he (arrive)? — He (arrive) at 2 o'clock. 9,1 (read) 
this book when I was at school. 10.1 can't go with you because I (not finish) my lessons yet. 11. 
The clock is slow. — It isn't slow, it (stop). 12. He (leave) for Canada two years ago and I (not 
see) him since. 13. This is the fifth cup of coffee you (have) today! I4.lt is the most beautiful 
place I (visit). 16 I (not see) Nick lately. Anything (happen) to him? ~- Yes, he (get) into an 
accident three weeks ago. Since that time he (be) in hospital. 16. Why you (switch on) the light? 
It isn't dark yet. 17. He (do) everything already? — Yes, he (do) his part of work long ago. 18. 
The last post (come)? — Yes, it (come) half an hour ago. 19. When you (meet) him last? 20. You 
ever (be) to Japan? — Yes, I (be) there the year when there was an earthquake. 21. The 
discussion already (begin). Why are you always late? 22. Why you (take) my pen while I was 
out? You (break) it. 23. You never (tell) me why you're called Tony when your name is John. 24, 
Her father (die) when she was a small girl. 25. They (not meet) since they (leave) school. 26. The 
rain (stop). Come out, I want to speak with you. 
Exercise 127.  
Match the two halves of these sentences. 
1)    He caught a cold          a)  all day. 
2)    She lias been interested , in maths  b) before.                        
3)    They went out             c)  since last year. 
4)    He has been in love   with her d) when he was six.  
5)    The Nobel Fund was  set up e)  up to now.  

6)    He has been engaged   at the plant    f)  when he had to wait for the bus. 
7)    He hasn't been abroad   g) a few minutes ago. 
8)    I've visited seven   countries h) in the first half of the 20
9)    Mary and Nick have never quarrelled like        i)   since she began to study it. 
10)  My son started school  j)   for two years. 

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