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Exercise 124. 
 A Give news about yourself and other people to a friend of yours. Use the words given to make 
sentences in the Present Perfect Tense. 
Example: My sister/get married. —My sister has got married 
1.1/find/a new job. 2. My father/retire. 3. Jane and Mike/go to work/to Australia. 4. I/buy/a new 
motorcycle. 5. My niece/start to walk. 6. The Browns/move/to another town. 7. Jack's 
Grandpa/die. 8. I/join/another football club. 9. Nick and Rita/divorce. 10. John/receive/ a fortune, 
he/become/a millionaire. 
В Ask your friend who is in the USA questions about what he or his relatives have seen or done 
(use the Present Perfect Tense). 
Example: You/have/a good journey? — Have you had a good journey? 
1. You/already/see/the Great American Lakes? 2. You/be/to Broadway? 3. Mike/manage to 
see/the Statue of Liberty? 3. What/new places/your brother/show to you? 4. Ann/visit/the White 
House? 5. Your father/get/ promotion? 6. You/receive/your driving license? 7. Your 

brother/change/a car? 8, What kind of house/you/buy
С Say what you or your friends have not done yet (year, month, etc.). 
Example: I/not be/to the theatre/this month. — / have not been to the theatre this month, 
1. Sue/not read/Gone with the Wind/yet. 2. Jill/not enter/London University/this year. 3. 
Larry/not produce/ a new film/yet. 4. Peggy and Paul/not move/to another flat this month. 5. 
Pete/not finish/his project yet. 6. My cousin/not get married/this month. 7. Mrs. Brown/not 
recover/yet. 8. They/not go/on business/this week. 
Exercise 125.  
Open the brackets and put the verb into the correct tense, either the Present Indefinite, the 
Present Continuous or the Present Perfect. 
1. As a rule, I (have) porridge for breakfast, but this morning I (order) an omelette. 2. This is the 
house where I (live). I (live) here since childhood. 3. Stop smoking! The room (be) full of smoke 
which (come) from your pipe. Usually nobody (smoke) here as Mother (not let) it. 4.1 (write) 
letters home once a week, but I (not write) one this week, so my next letter must be rather long. 
5. No wonder she (look) tired after the strain under which she (be) for a month. 6. Why you (not 
shave) this morning? — I (shave) every other day. 7. Research (show) that lots of people 
(absorb) new information more efficiently at some times of day than at others. A biological 
rhythm (affect) different people in different ways. 8.1 just (look) at the barometer and (see) that 
it (fall) very quickly. 9. Don't shout so loudly. Father (not finish) work and he hates if anybody 
(make a noise) while he (work). 10.1 regularly (see) him at the tram stop, but I (not see) him 
these two or three days. 

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