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Exercise 120.  
Correct the the verbs in bold type if the tenses are wrong. 
1. The clock is striking, it's time to finish your studies. 2. They are understanding the problem 
now. 3. Where is John? — He prepares his lessons; he usually prepares them at that time. 4. 
They are glad to know that their son is coining home next week. 5. The evening is warm, but you 
are shivering. Is anything the matter? — Nothing serious, I am feeling cold. 6. Can I see Mr. 
Green? — I am sorry, you can't: he has dinner. 7. The soup is tasting delicious. 8. Now I am 
seeing what you are driving at. 9. He believes in God and is always going to church on Sundays. 
10.1 am hating to speak to him. He is always complaining and forgetting what to do. 11. They 
are being so nice to me at present. I am feeling they are liking me. 12. He often changes his 
political view’s. Now he is belonging to the Conservative Party. 13. Look! Somebody tries to 
open your car. 14. Oh, I won't take this dish. It  is smelling awful.  15. How can I recognize him? 
I haven't met him. — He is wearing a yellow leather jacket and green jeans. 16. She usually 
drinks tea in the morning, but today she drinks coffee. 17. The last train is leaving the station at 
11.50. 18. He is wanting to buy a car, but first he must learn to drive, so he is taking his driving 
lessons. 19.1 can't stand him. He is liking to mock at people. He is always laughing at us when 
we meet. 20. Don't laugh at lessons, you are always laughing too much and the teachers are 
usually complaining of you. 
Exercise 121.  
Translate from Russian into English. 

1. Питер обычно делает домашние задания перед ужином. 2. Почему ты идешь так 
быстро? — Я боюсь опоздать (miss) на поезд. Обычно я выхожу из дома раньше и иду 
медленно, 3, Какие новые предметы студенты изучают в этом году? 4. Почему он сегодня 
такой заботливый? Странно, обычно он ведет себя по-другому. 5. Мистер Томпсон сейчас 
живет в Праге. — Что он там делает? — Он преподает английский. 6. Сегодня идет снег. 
Обычно зима здесь теплая, и снег идет редко. 7. Я не могу больше с вами разговаривать. 
Почему вы всегда критикуете (criticize) все, что я делаю? 8. Что с тобой? Ты очень 
бледная. Как ты себя чувствуешь? — У меня сильно болит голова. 9. Когда они улетают в 
Нью-Йорк? — На следующей неделе. 10, Что ты делаешь? Зачем ты кладешь соль в кофе? 
11. Сейчас кризис, и цены растут очень быстро. 12. Как вкусно пахнет кофе! Сделай мне 
чашечку, только без сахара. 
Exercise 122,  
Open the brackets and give the proper forms of the Past Indefinite Tense. 
1. The building of the trade centre (begin) a month ago. 2. It (be) bitterly cold yesterday. I (put) 
on my warm coat but I (catch) a cold still. 3. The postman (bring) the morning mail only at 10 
o'clock. 4.1 (see) you the other day coming out of the library with a stack of books. Are you 
preparing for the exams? 5, We (have) a picnic yesterday, but the rain (spoil) the whole pleasure. 
6. You (go) to the South when yoa (be) a child? 7. As soon as I came up, they (get) into a taxi 
and (go) away. 8. What sights you (see) when yon (be) in Egypt? 9. Every winter Nick (go) to 
the Swiss Alps to ski, 10, He (come) in, (take) off his hat, (move) a chair to the table and (join) 
the conversation. 11. When he (arrive)? — The plane was delayed and he (come) two hours later. 
12. How much your bag (cost)? — I (pay) $80 for it. 

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