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Verbs be, have, do 
The Verb be 
Exercise 102. Match the sentences on the left with their replies on the right. Pay attention to the 
use of the verb to be. 
1)   What's wrong with   your son?   a) Don't be in a hurry, we've got enough time. 
2)   The Browns are nice  people.     b) I am not interested in politics. 
3)   There is nothing to be seen.c)  I am through with it.  
4)   I don't think it's difficult.   d) I am sick and tired of his words. 

You shouldn't give in. 
5)   Have you finished the  book?           e)  I am against going there. 
6)   It is not anybody's  fault.f)  He is starting a cold.  
7)   I don't like watching  the news.  g) It is a pity you haven't made up your mind yet. 
8)   Why haven't you  finished the work in    h) I am for inviting them to dinner. 
9)    He comes to see me  every day and tries to        i)   The problem is worth solving. 
persuade me. 
10)  I am trying to choose  the topic     j)   Nobody is to blame, for my essay. 
11)  Why are you so rushing about?                k) Who is responsible for it? 
Exercise 103.  
Give the interrogative and the negative forms of the sentences. 
1. They are to meet at 9 o'clock sharp. 2. She was to arrive at five o'clock in the afternoon, 3. We 
were to meet under the Big Clock at the station. 4. The luggage is to be examined at the customs 
office. 5. The traffic regulations are to be observed. 6. He is to do the work tomorrow. 7. He is to 
leave for Washington one of these days. 8. Jack is to speak to the top manager tonight. 9. The 
delegation is to arrive in Moscow in a week. 10. Mr. Black is to take part in the talks. 
Exercise 104. 
 Choose the right variant. 
1. We were to (meet/have met) at 3, but she did not come. 2.1 was to (come/have come) at 3, and 
I managed not to be late. 3. The train was to (leave/have left) at midnight, but there was a delay, 
and we started off at one in the morning. 4, She was to (phone/have phoned) in the evening. She 
rang me up in the morning. 5. He was to (speak/have spoken) to his new manager, and he was 
excited about it. 6. She was to (take/have taken) a difficult examination. 7. The prime minister 
was to (arrive/have arrived) yesterday. Because of his sudden disease the visit was postponed. 

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