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Exercise 90.  
Form the alternative questions to the words in bold type. 
Example: My brother likes skating (3). —Does your brother like skating or skiing? Does your or 
his brother like skating? Does your brother or Pete like skating? 
1. The film was exciting (2). 2. Thousands of people visited the exhibition (2). 3. He watches TV 
every day. (3) 4. They can go to the country on Friday. (3) 5. She has painted the walls. (3) 
Exercise 91.  
Change the genera! questions into indirect ones. Begin your sentences with Do you know, I 
wonder or Tell me. 
Example: Has he seen this movie before? — 
Do you know if/whether he has seen this movie before? 
Tell me please if/whether he has seen this movie before, 
I wonder if/whether he has seen this movie before. 
1. Is it common to give a waiter a tip? 2. Does he want to come round this evening? 3, Did you 
go out last night? 4. Are single-parent families becoming more common in Russia? 5, Is there 
anything you are very proud of? 6. Does she live in the flat above you? 7= Do they watch 
satellite TV or cable TV? 8. Does Internet influence our daily lives? 9. Did you go to a nursery 
school? 10. Have the police questioned a number of people about the crime? 11. Are trains more 
reliable than buses? 12. Has he arranged his meeting for tonight? 13. Are there lots of historical 
monuments in Vienna? 14. Is there a great mix of people in Paris? 15, Did he book a room at the 
Exercise 92,  
Form the negative questions. 
Example; She took part in the performance. — Didn't she take part in the performance? Or Did 
she not take part in the performance? 
1,1 went to the cinema with my friends. 2. They usually go to bed very early» 3. They had 
finished work by 5 o'clock. 4. She will be studying at this time tomorrow. 5, There was an old 
bridge here. 6. He came home very late. 7. She understands Spanish a little. 8. They have a three-
room flat. 9. He has been to the USA lately. 10. They are going to build a new house. 11. Your 
son loves music. 12. We are going to the theatre today. 13. There will be a lot of people at the 
lecture today. 14. We studied at college together. 15. His friends liked the film very much. 

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