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Exercise 47.  
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronoun. 
1. Why are___of you talking? Hardly___is listening to me. 2. No, I have___to add. 3. 
Has___asked you about this matter? 4. _.__of them have been there either. 5. You'd better not 
speak to___cf them, 6. Can___of you go there? 7.1 am sure they kept silence.___of them 
spoke about this. 8.1 did not know that___of you had already seen it, 9. Write to 
us___interesting, will you? 10. Could___of you answer suth a difficult question? 
Exercise 48,  
Translate into English. 
A 1. Я не читал никаких книг этого писателя. 2. Если что-нибудь случится, это не моя 
вина (fault). 3. Вы можете купить этот журнал для меня? Я нигде его не вижу. 4. Кто-
нибудь еще пришел? 5. Преступник (criminal) нигде не сможет скрыться (disappear), ничто 
и никто не поможет ему. 6, Купи что-нибудь поесть, у нас в холодильнике (fridge) ничего 
нет. 7. Почему ты так рассердился? Никто не знал о его приезде. 8. Этот человек никогда 
ничего не боится. 9. Я нашел чью-то шапку. 10. Мне кажется, с ней что-то случилось. 11. 
Любой может купить эти куртки (jacket). Они довольно дешевые. 12, Не молчи (keep 
silent), скажи что-нибудь. 
В 1. Кто-то оставил окно открытым» 2. Мне кто-нибудь звонил? 3. Вы что-нибудь читали 
об экономике (economy) этой страны? — Почти ничего. 4. Я никому из них не говорил о 
его предложении (offer). 5. Хотите что-нибудь выпить? 6. Он почти никого не знал в этом 
городе. 7. Вас кто-нибудь из них приглашал на этот вечер? 8. Ты бы хотел поехать куда-
нибудь летом? 9. Кто-то из нас должен пойти дуда. 10. Полицейский показал мне 
несколько фотографий, но я никого не узнал. 11. Он ничего не сообщил об этом. 12. Если 
кто-нибудь позвонит, я буду дома в 8 часов. 13. Мы отказались что-либо делать. 14. Он 
сделал это без какого-либо разрешения. 15. Тебе что-то попало в глаз? 
Exercise 49. 
 Fill in the blanks with any, every or corresponding compound pronouns. 
1. It was a small village where___could tell you___about___. 2. He goes there___day. You can 
find him at ___time between ten and twelve. 3. She told you___ she could. There is hardly ___to 
add. 4. With your complexion your can buy a blouse of___colour. 5..___ is here. You can 
ask___. 6. Has___forgotten to sign his name in the list? 7.___who has lost his credit card must 
declare about it immediately. 8. There was a dead silence. ___was listening to the speaker. 9. 
You needn't explain ___ else.___understood___. 10.___knows what to do. 
Exercise 50.  
Choose the appropriate word out of those given in brackets.  
A each/every 
1.___child wants to visit Disneyland. 2.___. witness was questioned in turn. 3. They___have a 
comfortable flat. 4. You can come here__„day. 5.___of us would be happy to help you. 
6.___patient wants to be healthy, 7. Planes fly to St. Petersburg  ___ hour. 8. The 

performance was a success.___place was taken. 9. This book is divided into 20 units and ___of 
them has a different title. 10.___passenger must fasten the belt when the plane takes off or lands. 
В either/any/neither/none 
1. There are many good inns in Scotland. While travelling, you may stay in___of them. 2.1 saw 
two plays in this theatre, but___of them impressed me. Rita says she saw several plays there, but 
she liked___ of them. 3. John and Pete did not pass an exam yesterday because___was ready for 
it. 4. The Finns' sisters are arriving tomorrow.___of the two girls is very pretty, but___of them is 
married yet. 5. There are a few cafes in this district, but___of them is good. 6. What would 
you prefer, tea or coffee? —___will do. 7. The woman carried a bag in___hand. 8. There were 
four applicants but___ of them impressed me. 9. There is a village on bank of the river 10. Can 
he speak French or German? —___. He is not good at languages. 
Exercise 51.  
Fill in the blanks with the forms is or are. 
1. Neither he nor she___there. 2. Neither they nor she___there. 3. Neither he nor they___there. 4. 
Both Alice and Kate___in time. 5. Either you or she___ right. 6. Both the old and the 
young___having a good time at the party. 7. Either Jack or Jane___going on business to London. 
8. Neither Pete nor his parents___ aware of the coming danger. 9. Neither he nor his relatives 
___present at the wedding. 10. Either he or they___ going to do it. 11. Both Mom and Dad ___at 
home. 12. Neither Nick nor Mary___in class today. 13. Both ___present, but neither___helpful. 
Exercise 52.  
Choose the correct variant. 
1. Please give me___copy of the magazine. 
a)  other  b) another  c)  the other  d) others 
2. I see only five boys here. Where are___ones? 
a) another  b) others  c)  the others  d) the other 
3. There were seven people on the beach; two of them  were bathing,___were playing volleyball. 
a)   the others  b)   another   c)   others d)   other 
4.1 can give you only a small dictionary, I have got no 
a)  the other  b) another  c)  other  d) the others 
5. Two of their guests left rather early,___stayed till midnight. 
a)  the other  b) another  c)  the others  d) other 
6. Well, kid,___fifty yards and you will be at home. 
a)  another  b) other  c) the other  d) others 
7. There have been two oranges on the table. One is .here, and where is___? 
a)   another  b)   the other  c)   others  d)   other 
8. I'm going to stay here for___few days. 
a)   the other  b)   others  c)   the others  d)   another 
9.1 think you should choose___colour. This one is too dark. 
a)   other  b)   another  c)   the other  d)   others 
10. Why is he so selfish? He never thinks about___. 
a)  other  b) the other  c)  others  d) the others 
Exercise 53.  
Choose the right variant. 
1. There/It comes a time when you start to remember your youth. 2.1 suppose there/it will snow 
tomorrow. 3. Look, there/it is snow on the ground. 4. There/It remains nothing to be done. 5. He 
is right, there/it no doubt about it. 6. Is there/it anything the matter? 7. There/It is windy outside. 
8. There/It is a strong wind today, 9. Once upon a time there/it lived a princess. 10. There/It is 
light in the room. Turn on the light, please. 11. The traffic is heavy in this street. There/It is a lot 

of noise. 12. There/It is very noisy in this street because there/it is heavy traffic. 13. They are 
happy, there/it goes without saying. 14. There/ It follows that there/it is no solution to the 
problem. 15. There/It is a light in the distance. 
Exercise 54.  
Translate the following sentences into English. 
1. Если кто-нибудь из вас хочет задать вопрос, поднимите (raise) руку. 2. Оба были готовы 
помочь ей, но ни один не знал, как это сделать. 3. Если ты пройдешь (take) еще несколько 
глагол, ты увидишь море. 4. Каждая девочка хочет быть красивой. 5. Все были рады 
видеть ее. 6. По обе стороны реки был лес. 7. Каждый из нас может совершить такую 
ошибку. 8. У меня две сумки: одна черная, а другая коричневая. 9. Ни Тома, ни его 
родителей нет дома. 10. Врач осмотрел (examine) каждого пациента по очереди. 

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