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Unit 21 Phrasal Verbs and Verb-Based Expressions

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Unit 21 Phrasal Verbs and Verb-Based Expressions 
Exercise 293 
Ij, 21,3g, 4f, 5i, 6m, 7c, 8p, 9o, lOa, lln, 12b, 13d, 14k, 15e, 16h 
Exercise 294 
1. At last I have got through this work! 2. It rained heavily. We got wet. 3. We got up early 
yesterday because the train started at 7 o'clock. 4. It is difficult to get used to hot weather if one 
lives in the north. 5. She was upset because her husband had got a notice that he would be 
dismissed. 6. It's high time we got down to business. 7. She is such a bore! She gets on my 
nerves every time I see her. I'm dreaming of getting rid of her. 8. We haven't met got together 
since we graduated. 9. Though they are quite different, they get on with each other. 10. Look! 
The cat's got hold of a bird! 
Exercise 295 
1) on, off; 2) a notice; 3) on my nerves; 4) into; 5) hold of; 6) out, wet; 7) up; 8) out; 9) rid of; 
10) used to; 11) down to; 12) on with; 13) together; 14) through; 15) to know 
Exercise 296 
1. Why don't cats get on with dogs? 2. He got down to work early in the morning hoping to get 
through it by 4 o'clock. 3. He did not get used to not being obeyed. 4. I'll be happy if I can get rid 
of my old car. 5. Get out of my house! You are a liar! 6. He got out of the car and came up to the 
shop window. 7. Dad, you are sure to like him. when you get to know him better.-8. After 
leaving school we decided to get together on the 1
 of September. 9. When we got on the plane, 
the air hostess told us about the crew. 10. He got wet badly while coming back home. 11. He got 
hold of the possibility to solve the problem without the police. 12. Close the door, please. This 
noise gets on my nerves. 

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