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Exercise 275 
1) start; 2) should inform; 3) cover; 4) be freed; 5) should start; 6) be put; 7) do; 8) stay; 9) be 
left; 10) should give 
Exercise 276 
1. It is advisable that you (should) see a doctor before 
going to the South. 2. He had to suggest that she (should) take part in the competition. 3. The 
doctor recommended that she (should) keep to a diet. 4. The captain ordered that everybody 
(should) leave the deck. 5. The majority of the committee insisted that the matter (should) be 
postponed. 6. It was suggested the celebration (should) be put off. 7. It is necessary that the child 
(should) spend more time out of doors. 8. The demonstrators demand that the prices (should) 
decrease. 9. It is quite uncommon that they (should) be against such a reasonable suggestion. 10. 
They advised that she (should) find another job. 11. It is necessary that you (should) hand in an 
application not later than a week. 12. He insisted that a chance (should) be given to him to prove 
his point of view. 13. It is very important that they (should) see the purpose of their work. 14. 
They requested that the goods (should) be delivered in time. 15. It is desirable that the applicant 
(should) give his address and telephone number in case the management may want him. 
Exercise 277 
1. "It is desirable that you (should) revise all the words before the test", said the teacher. 2. He 
demanded that all further information (should) be given to him. 3.1 demand that he (should) go 
away. 4. The commission suggested that he (should) be included into the list. 5. We suggest that 
they (should) make a break. 6. It is important that the children (should) sleep in the open air. 7. 
You must at last insist that he (should) return home at the proper' time. 8. The committee has 
been recommended that they (should) develop a new program. 9. The chairman proposed that the 
question (should) be postponed. 10. The professor demands that we (should) hand in our papers 
typed. 11.1 suggest that we do the exercise now. 12. The weather is nice and I recommend that 
everybody (should) walk to the station. 
Exercise 278 

Correct sentences: 7, 8 
1.1 cannot give him such a job. I wish he were not light-minded. 2. It was desirable that all 
participants (should) come on time. 3. If he went there, I would not come. 4. He insisted that 
everybody (should) sign the paper. 5. He looks upon the cottage as if it were his property. 6. If he 
had come a bit earlier, he would have had time to say goodbye to you. 9. Could he do it, he 
would do it. 10.1 demand that he (should) be taken to hospital immediately. 

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