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Exercise 268 
1) had booked, would lie/would be lying; 2) would not have forgiven, were; 3) had drunk, would 
not feel; 4) were, would not have behaved; 5) knew, would have translated; 6) would have taken 
part, were; 7) had done, would be; 8) had taken, would not have; 9) might be, had been offered; 
10) had not decided, would go; 11) would not have gone, were not; 12) were, would have taken 
Exercise 269 
1. Would you be upset if I did not come? 2. Had he been more careful, he would not have fallen. 
3. If he had not come in his car to meet us, we would have had to carry our things ourselves. 4. 
Would you go somewhere in the evening if he invited you? 5. We would go to the swimming 
pool today if you had phoned last night. 6. If he could give a positive answer, he would have 
done it long ago. 7. If I were you, I would not raise such a clamor. 8. If you had accepted his 
offer, you would have been working in a good company long ago. 9. If I were you, I would go 
earlier to catch him. 10. If he had been driving more carefully, he would not have had any 
accident. 11. Had he not broken his leg, he would have won the tournament. 12. Nobody would 
have blamed you if you had behaved differently. 
Exercise 270 
l)had been running; 2) had known; 3)had seen; 4) wanted, were; 5) had happened; 6) had heard; 
7) saw; 8) had met; 9) had known, were not; 10) agreed; 11) had not been sleeping/had not slept; 

12) were listening; 13) were; 14) had been; 15) had been working 
Exercise 271                  
1. She is happy, look at her. She looks as if she got several years younger. 2. He had a feeling as 
though he had been deceived. 3. The explosion was heavy. It got light as if it were a bright day. 
4. He looks as if he were a winner. 5. She did not stop as if she had not heard being called. 6. 
You look tired as though you had not had a rest for a long time. 7. He often looked at his watch 
as if he had been hurrying somewhere. 8. She looks upon the world as if it belongs to her. 9. He 
stared at me as if I had said something wrong. 
Exercise 272 
1) had not sent; 2) had been; 3) were; 4) did not look; 5) studied; 6) had not come; 7) had seen; 
8) had introduced; 9) didn't know; 10)fha#n-'t noticed 
Exercise 273 
1. We wish we were able to reach the village before sunset. 2. My friend wishes he had told you 
all at once. 3.1 wish you had sent your son for one of us last night. 4.1 wish you were not leaving 
so soon. 5. He wished he had received the answer before Christmas. 6.1 wish I had not made you 
upset by bringing such depressing news. 7. The patient wished he had fulfilled all the doctor's 
instructions. 8. She wished she had had money to buy a toy for her son. 9. They wished they had 
persuaded her. 10.1 wish we were as young as you are. 
Exercise 274 
1.1 wish he had not come so late. We had no time to speak about our problems. 2.1 wish he had 
developed the project. 3.1 wish we did not have to leave so soon. 4.1 wish you had waited till he 
came. 5.1 wish I had not followed his advice. 6.1 wish you had been understood. 7.1 wish you 
had not missed such an opportunity. 8. She wishes she did not have to refuse such an offer. 9.1 
wish he did not work till late. 1Q. He wished he had not come and taken his friend with him. 
11.1 wish I were in London now. 12.1 wish I spoke English as well as you do. 

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