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Exercise 252 
1) can, was not able to; 2) been able to; 3) be able to; 4) can, can't; 5) can't, will be able to; 6) 
can; 7) be able to; 8) been able to; 9) couldn't; 10) to be able to; 11) could; 12) could (not); 13) 
can; 14) were able to; 15) could 
Exercise 253 
1) be; 2) have got; 3) have done; 4) be; 5) have been; 6) have told; 7) have cancelled; 8) do; 9) 
have been; 10) have committed; 11) come; 12) have crashed 
Exercise 254 
A1. Can he have been at the party yesterday? 2. Could they be in Germany? 3. Can he have 
broken his leg? 4. Could they have been sent to prison? 5. Can she got married? 6. Could he 
study at Cambridge University? 7. Can she have been practicing the violin for five years? 8. 
Could he have made an interesting report? 9. Could he have won a lot of money in the casino? 
10. Can they will to the Canaries next summer? 11. Could he have passed his English exam? 12. 
Could she be forty in June? 13. Can she be stubborn? 
14. Could he have been a cruel man? 
В 1. You can't be mistaken. 2. They can't have forgotten about the meeting. 3. He couldn't be 
writing a new novel now. 4. She couldn't have bought a new fur coat. 5. He can't have had an 
accident. 6. Mary can't invite the Jones to her place for the weekend. 7. They couldn't have upset 
our plans. 8. She can't waste a lot of time. 9. Mr. Fox couldn't be a reliable person. 10. She 
couldn't be making a cruise now. 
Exercise 255 
1. He can't have been at home at that time yesterday. 2. Can he have told you about it? 3. He 
could have called on them when he was in Moscow. 4. He could have done it but he didn't want 
to. 5. Could he have refused to go there? 6. He can't be sleeping now. 7» They can't have left 
without saying goodbye to us. 8. She can't have answered you in such a way. 9. He could come 
tomorrow. 10. He can't have collided with another car. He is such a careful driver. 11. He 
couldn't have forgotten his promise, I reminded him about it yesterday. 12. He could not read the 
book so quickly, it is too difficult for him. 13. They could have reached the top, but the weather 

prevented them from doing it. 14. They couldn't get married, they are so different 
15. Has anybody have thought of his winning the match? 
Exercise 256 
1. Under the law you may make one photocopy for your personal use but you can't make 
multiple copies. 2. This may/might be the reason why they have refused to join us. 12*                               
3.1 may/might have to take her to hospital; she may/might have broken her arm in the accident. 
4. He may/might not have had her phone number. 5. When the World Cup was shown on TV, I 
might stay up late and watch it. 6. Your friend may/might help you, but I don't believe it. 7. They 
may/might not have known that the problem was so urgent. 8. May I smoke here? 9. You might 
have come! I needed your help badly. 10. She may/might have made a mistake, but I am not sure 
of it. She is a very punctual person. 
Exercise 257 
1) might have warned; 2) may/might start; 3) can't/ couldn't not have heard; 4) may/might have 
heard; 5) can't/couldn't have noticed; 6) may/might not have noticed; 7) may; 8) may/might not 
have heard; 9) can't/ couldn't have heard, could; 10) may; 11) may; 12) might have helped; 13) 
can/could ... have said 

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