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Exercise 39.  
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate reflexive pronouns and translate the sentences into 
1.1 opened the door and found___facing a stranger. 2. Go and see it for___if you like. 3. The 
newcomers built the houses___„ 4. Would you mind keeping your words to ___? 5. He has 
injured ______ 6. During the breaks they amused _____ in the bar. 7. We protect.___from the 
cold with warm things. 8. She settled___in the armchair as comfortably as she could. 9, You can 
trust him. He is honesty __. 10. He cut____shaving this morning. 11 She burnt  
___ironing a dress. 12. Don't blame___. It is not your fault. 13. Did you cut your hair___or did 
you go to the hairdresser's? 14. Aren't you hungry? Help___to the meat. It's delicious. 15. How 
did you enjoy___? 16. We must discuss everything to find the way out. Pull___together. 
17. She dried__„with a blue towel. 18. He felt___getting angry. 19. They had to excuse ___ for 
their strange behaviour. 20.1 want to insure___against any losses. 
Exercise 40.  
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate reflexive pronouns where necessary. 
1. Have a good time. Try to relsx___and enjoy___. 2. She decided to excuse___his bad behavior. 
3. Why don't you want to concentrate___? Pull___together and start work. 4. She did not know 
where to hide___. 5. Though it was rather cold in the room he felt__„hot. 6. Have you 
shaved___today? 7. She found___in an awkward situation. 8. Did the children behave___? 9. 
We protected___against damage. 10. She stopped crying, washed___, and decided to go 

Exercise 41.  
Replace the words in bold type by expressions with reflexive pronouns. 

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