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Exercise 234 
The Bees 
I remember when I was a child being sent to visit one of our numerous elderly eccentric aunts. 
She was mad about bees; the garden was full of bees, humming like telegraph poles. One 
afternoon she put on an enormous veil and a pair of gloves, locked us all in the cottage for safety, 
and went out to try to get some honey out of one of the hives. Apparently she did nor stupefy 
them properly, or whatever it is to do, and when she took the lid off, the bees poured out and 
settled on her. We were watching all this through the window. We didn't know much about bees, 
so we thought this was all right, until we saw her flying round the garden making desperate 
attempts to avoid the bees, getting her veil tangled in the rosebushes. Eventually she reached the 
cottage and flung herself at the door. We couldn't open it because she had the key. We kept 
trying to tell her this, but her screams of agony and the humming of the bees drowned our voices. 
It was I believe Leslie who had the brilliant idea of throwing a bucket of water over her from the 
bedroom window. Unfortunately in his enthusiasm he threw the bucket as well. To be drenched 
with cold water and then hit on the head with a large iron bucket is irritating enough, but to fight 
off a mass of bees at the same time makes the whole thing extremely trying. When we eventually 
got her inside she was so swollen as to be almost unrecognizable. 

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