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Exercise 222 

Id, 2b, 3c, 4a, 5c 
Exercise 223 
1.1 insist on your showing the new automobile to us. 
2. The little boy was proud of having such a noble friend. 
3. This film is worth seeing. You can't help enjoying the wonderful performance of the actors. 4. 
It was impossible to get the tickets and he had to give up the idea of listening to the famous 
pianist. 5.1 remember his laughing loudly when telling the story. 6. She was sure that the boys 
had stopped working long ago and had run to the river. 7. She was sitting in the drawing room 
without saying a word and paying attention to her sister's chat. 8. He quickly went into the hall 
without answering the greetings. 9.1 am sick and tired of being old and wise and I can't stand 
being treated like an invalid. 10. He meant to begin his investigation with the garden examining. 
11. After washing up and tidying up the kitchen she lay on the sofa. 12. If you don't tell me what 
the matter is, what is the use of my being here? 13.1 couldn't even walk without his coming up to 
me. 14. He can't bear being praised. 15. He did not like his daughter chatting on the phone for 
hours. 16. He was trying to find a pretext for leaving earlier. 17.1 hope you don't mind his being 
told everything. 18. Did you remember to post the letter that he gave you? 19. On seeing our 
difficulty, they offered their help. 20. They couldn't help laughing at the sight' of the clown. 

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