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Unit 16 The Gerund 
Exercise 207 
1) afford; 2) offer; 3)put off; 4) fail; 5) give up; 6) appear; 7) refuse; 8) intend; 9) seem; 10) be 
Exercise 208 
1) being; 2) finding; 3) asking, wasting; 4) talking, playing; 5) swimming; 6) repairing; 7) living; 
8) airing; 9) going; 10) doing, receiving, going 
Exercise 209 Ic, 2d, 3e, 4a, 5b 
Exercise 210 
1) paying, escaping; 2) making; 3) answering; 4) seeing, recognizing, commenting; 5) signing; 6) 
helping; 7) going; 8) buying 
Exercise 211 
1. Forgive my taking up so much of your time. 2. Do you mind his joining us? 3. Does he feel 
like staying here for another week? 4.1 appreciate your encouraging him when he failed in his 
experiment. 5. Do you know the reason for his feeling disappointed? 6. "It's no good your hating 
it," he said becoming didactic. 7. Only the other day they had been talking about something 
happening. 8. She was listening hard all the time for any sound of Jan's descending the stairs. 9. 
He wishes he'd never told you the truth but it's no use his denying it. 10. Cursing himself for not 
learning to drive a car he woke up Tony. 11. Of course, I should insist on your accepting the 
proper professional fee. 12. Bob was feeling rather unwell, and was not really looking forward to 
our visiting him. 13. My father thinks I am not capable of earning my own living. 14. He warned 
us that there was no point in our arriving half an hour earlier. 15. They were talking about her 
giving up the job and going to live in the country. 
Exercise 212 
1. The speaker was annoyed at being interrupted every other moment. 2. He showed no sign of 
being hurt. 3. They showed no sign of recognizing us. 4. He insists on being paid for his work 
done. 5. We did not want to speak to the correspondent and tried to avoid being interviewed by 
him. 6. Excuse me for giving so much trouble to you. 7. After being examined by the doctor I 
was given a sick leave. 8. They deny robbing the bank, but admit making plans about it. 9. The 
problem is not worth speaking of. 10. Why does he avoid meeting journalists? 11. She insisted 
on showing the files to her. 12. She does not stand reminding people of their duties and being 
reminded of hers. 13. He is not used to being spoken to like that. 14. He had never thought of 
security because he had no idea of being kidnapped. 15. Did you succeed in persuading your 
colleagues? 16. The TV set needs repairing. 17. He is looking forward to being given the main 
part in the play. 18. After being looked through the papers were registered. 19. He can't do 
anything without disturbing anybody or being disturbed. 20. Have you ever dreamed of earning a 
million dollars? 
Exercise 213 
1) watching; 2) seeing; 3) going; 4) speaking
5) crying; 6) doing; 7) talking, persuading; 8) buying; 9) gambling;  10) getting;  11) trying;  12) 
visiting; 13) remembering 

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