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Unit 15  Causative Verbs and Have/Got something done

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Unit 15 
Causative Verbs and Have/Got something done 
Exercise 202 
1. He got/had the fridge fixed. 2.1 got/had the floor washed. 3. She got/had the article typed. 4. 
He got/had the letter translated. 5. They got/had the house repaired. 6.1 got/had the car washed. 
7. She got/had the dress made. 8. He got/had supper cooked. 9. He got/had the shirt ironed. 10. 
They got/had the fence built. 
Exercise 203 
l)to fe'el; 2) entertain; 3) to pay; 4) cleaned; 5) to rise; 6) carry; 7) carried; 8) to have, shaven; 9) 
leave; 10) changed; 11) work; 12) to buy; 13) washed; 14) to go; 15) to refuse 
Exercise 204 
l)feel; 2) to sign; 3)to give up; 4) to sell; 5) do; 6) installed; 7) shortened; 8) leave; 9) to hand 10. 
11) contribute; 12) to learn; 13) developed; 14) open; 15) to decrease; 16) attend; 17) to go; 18) 
to make; 19) forget; 20) watch; 21) to shave; 22) have 
Exercise 205 
Correct sentences: 2, 5,19, 21, 24, 25 
1. My mother won't let anybody think ill of him. 3. The party was dull, and we decided to tell 
stories to make the time pass. 4. Nick got Mary to give him a lift to the school. 6. Let's try to get 
them to join our company. 7. She got the telephone repaired. 8. The thought of his coming made 
me feel ill. 9. The wind made the windows rattle. 10. They must have the problem settled. 11. 
She had the secretary make another copy. 12. He had the copy made. 13. They did their best to 
make themselves agree to the proposal. 14. He changed his mind to have his house painted 
green. 15. Let him choose his friends himself. 16. Your enthusiasm makes me feel young again. 
17. She had a desire to let her life go on as though nothing had happened. 18. The director got his 
paper typed. 20. What makes you think so? 22. She is getting her hair cut tomorrow. 23. She did 
not let her daughter go to discos. 
Exercise 206 
1. The robbers made the people in the bank stand against the wall. 2. Let the child eat an ice-
cream. 3.1 am not to blame. I was made to do it. 4. Yesterday I had my windows washed. 5. Let 
me try to do it myself. 6. The children are so noisy/making a lot of noise. Let them go for a walk. 

7. He was made to do very dull work. 8.1 got her to go for a holiday. 9. He has his flat repaired. 
10. Difficult circumstances made him act in' such a way. 11. Let's make a break for lunch. 12. 
You must get her to accept the offer. 13. Let me know when you want to see me again. 14. He 
got his neighbour to look after his dog during his absence. 15.1 wonder what made him kill the 
president. 16. She always lets her children watch cartoons on Sunday. 17. The suspect was made 
to lie on the ground. 18. She must have her watch repaired. 19. She feels bad, she got her tooth 
pulled out yesterday. 20. He did not build the house himself, he had it built. 

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