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The Complex Subject 
Exercise 197 
1. He is considered to be a good musician. 2. They are thought to have gone away some days 
ago. 3. James is expected to make a report next Wednesday. 4. Steve is known to have helped 
them to solve a problem when they were in trouble. 5. Mozart is known to have composed a lot 
of wonderful pieces of music. 6. The film is considered to be the worst of the year. 7. She is 
supposed to be working in the laboratory from 2 to 6 p. m. tomorrow. 8. They are known to have 
made a new discovery a month ago. 9. He is expected to manage the business himself. 10. He is 
said to be at the customs office now. 11. The delegation is reported to be leaving Prague tonight 
at lla.m. 12. They are known to have lived in Egypt for a long time. 13. He is believed to be 
working at an urgent problem now. 
Exercise 198 
1. They are likely to have a good time in the bar tonight. 2. He is sure to win this match. 3. The 
plane is unlikely to reach the place of destination on time. 4. You are likely to miss the train 
unless you hurry. 5. She is unlikely to go by plane. 6. He is unlikely to be invited to the 
conference. 7. They are sure to get married soon. 
8. They are unlikely to follow my recommendations. 
9. They are likely to go on a world tour. 10. This picture is sure to be the best at the exhibition. 
Exercise 199 
A 1. No, she doesn't seem to be happy. 2. No, she appears to have lost it. 3. No, he seems to be 
waiting for us. 4. Yes, but she seems to have put on weight. 5. He appears to know her well. 6.1 
seem to know this type very well. 7. No, he seems to have changed his job. 8. No, she seems to 
have returned two months ago and now to be working at her new book. 9. Look, this man seems 
to be overhearing us. 10. The president appears to have left his country residence and to be 
returning to the capital. 
В 1. I'll visit Trafalgar Square if I happen to be in London. 2. If anybody happens to know him, 
call the police. 3. If you happen to see Kate, ask her to phone me. 4. Do you happen to know how 
to get to the Tower? 5. He'll arrange everything if he happens to go on a tour. 6. Does he happen 
to know with whom Mary has gone to the Canaries? 7. Have you happened to see them leave? 8. 
Can you happen to change a pound? 9. Has she happened to see where they parked their car? 10. 

If I happen to meet them, I'll phone the police. 
С 1. The interview with the young artist turned out to be rather interesting. 2. The prices at the 
hotel proved to be reasonable. 3. The conversation with them turned out to be rather unpleasant. 
4. The young man turned out to be a smuggler. 5. He proved to be a qualified economist. 6. The 
student's knowledge of mathematics turned out to be above the average. 7. Yesterday's party 
turned out to be entertaining. 8. The weather in this part of the country proved to be rainy. 9. The 
workshop proved to be rather useful for economists, but for managers it turned out to be rather 
dull. 10.1 bought a book which turned out to be a best-seller. 11. This unpleasant man who found 
faults with me during the interview turned out to be my manager. 

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