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Unit 13 Sequence of Tenses 
Exercise 170 
1.1 told her that I had something to tell her. 2. He said that he had met her for the first time on a 
warm sunny morning the spring before. 3. She told her mother that she was going to call again 
next day. 4. Robert said he had been to Turkey twice, but so far he hadn't had time to visit 
Istanbul. 5.1 replied to the doctor that it would be very difficult to persuade her to take care of 
herself, 6. The BBC announcer said that the president was to come to Madrid the day after 
tomorrow. 7. They said they had a lift but very often it didn't work. 8. My cousin said they had 
bought a new flat. But they didn't like it so much as their last one. 9. She said she had left a 
message for him, but he hadn't phoned yet. 10. Peggy said she had no idea who had done it but 
sue would find out. 11. He said his mother had just been operated on. 12. She replied to me she 
would come with me as soon as she was ready. 13. The small boy said he had a French lesson 
that evening and he hadn't done his homework yet. 14.1 told the officer she had been sitting in. 
the garden since the police came. 15. He pointed out to me that I hadn't closed the window and 
had forgotten to turn off the light

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