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Exerciss 158 
1. If the weather is good, you'll be crossing the English Channel at that time tomorrow. 2. Don't 
phone me from 3 to 5 o'clock, I'll be working. 3. The girls will be playing volleyball while the 
boys are playing football. 4. When you come to see him, he will be painting the ceiling. He is 
refurnishing his flat. 5.1 am afraid, I'll be busy at this time. We'll be meeting the Japanese 
delegation. 6. When wcome homo, Mother will be still cooking dinner. 7. Oh, will I be lying to 
America tomorrow? 8. I am afraid, they'll be leaving when you come. 9. We'll be having dinner 
at three instead of two o'clock tomorrow. 10. Will your baby be still sleeping if I come at 3? 
Exercise 157 
1) will have typed; 2) will have tidied up; 3) will have painted; 4) will have cooked; 5) will have 
bought; 6) will have gone; 7) will have received; 8) will have packed; 9) will have seen; 10) will 
have learned 
Exercise 158 
1) will have had; 2) will have finished; 3) come, will do; 4) will have looked; 5) will have 
received; 6) get, will have stopped; 7) will have answered; 8) will begin, have read; 9) will not 
do, takes; 10) will have prepared; 11) reaches, will have returned; 12) will pass, has learned; 13) 
will not have discussed, come; 14) will not be able, obtain; 15) will have looked, comes; 16) will 
have left, come 
Exercise 159 
1.1 am afraid, they will have sold out everything by the time you come with the money. 2. Ring 
me up after you have read the book. 3. We will have done all the exercises by his arrival, and 
then we all will be going to the skating rink. 4. I'll write to him after I have seen his parents. 5. 
Our plant will have produced a new automobile by the end of the year. 6.1 wonder if he will 
have written the article by the first of September. If it has been ready by this time, we'll publish 
it. 7.1 will have gone to the theatre if you come so late. 8.1 am afraid, you will be late. They will 
have finished the talks by 5 o'clock. 9.1 am sorry, but you won't get him. He will have gone to 
the railway station by the time, 10, By Sunday they will have finished repairs and will have 
moved to the new flat.  
Exercise 160 
1) will have been rehearsing; 2) will have been working; 3) will have been writing; 4) will have 
been driving; 5) will have been studying 
Exercise 161 
Correct sentences: 4, 10 

1. After graduating from the institute I came to St. Petersburg. I have been working here since 
then. 2.1 was just leaving the house when you phoned me. 3. By the time I came to the country 
cottage my friends had already left. 5. It has been raining since morning and I am afraid, it won't 
have stopped by Saturday. 6. He will be working at his new book during his holiday. 7. The 
woman who is speaking with my sister is my neighbor who lives opposite us. 8. They had been 
looking for the money since morning but they couldn't find it anywhere. 9. Yesterday when I 
came to see my friend he was having supper. He had just come home. 

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