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Exercise 19 
1. Every day at noon we have fifteen minutes' break. 2.1 can't understand why he is so tired. He 
covered a mile's distance only. 3. The walk to the station was short. It took us ten minutes' time. 
4. Last year we had two weeks' holiday in Greece. It was terrific.5. If you want to get there,a trip 
will take you only five hours' time." 6. Don't take a week's training course. It won't do you good
7.1 had only five hours' sleep because my train came late. 8. Yesterday we had thirty minutes' 
lesson because our teacher was to leave at 12 o'clock. 9. If you  want to have a voyage round 
Europe, you will need at   least three weeks' time 10. I have five days' workweek. 
Exercise 20 
1. The only thing she wanted was to see the house of her parents again. 2. No one could explain 
the behaviour of the young girl at supper yesterday. 3. The rugby match 

-   (which was held) last Sunday was disappointing. Our team lost, 4. The boy was looking 
through a magazine for children. 
5. After a break which lasted an hour we resumed our work. 
6. At that time he lived in a little flat for economy's sake. 
7. It was a ride which lasted four and a half hours. 8.1 don't like cow's milk. 9. He was puzzled 
by the visit of Ann and Peter. 10. When Friday came, he was at his wit's ends. 11. She dropped in 
at the chemist's to buy some aspirin. 
12. This is a coat of John, and that is a coat of Peter. 
Exercise 21 
1. The president arrived in the country with a three-day visit (three days' visit). 2.1 want to buy a 
pair of shoes. Do you know where the shoe department is here? 3. Nobody knew what to say and 
there was a moment's 
 ,silence. 4. When he went down to the dining room in the morning, there 
were the remains of yesterday's supper on the table. 5. The commander-in-chief's report was 
brief. 6, It seems to me that the generation gap is an eternal / problem. 7. This road is closed. The 
roadworks are being conducted. 8. Brain drain is an acute problem of  developing countries. 9. 
Do you think it is necessary to ..implement birth control in China? 10. Paul and Kate's Arrival 
was a surprise for aunt Ann. 11. The richest oil  deposits are in the Arab Emirates. 12. The 
problems the Mankind faced at the end of the 20
 century are soil, ' water and air pollution, and 
also greenhouse effect. 13, After two hours' (a two-hour) walk everybody felt - hungry. 14. The 
portrait of Rembrandt's wife is one of the most famous pictures of the artist. 15. This is a three-
hundred-year castle. 

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