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Exercise 33.  
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article where necessary. 
A Geographical names. 
1. They travelled by car around ___Europe last month. 2.___Great American Lakes are___Lake 
Huron, ___Lake Superior,___Lake Ontario,___Lake Michigan and___Lake Erie. 3.___north 
of___Scotland is known for its wild beauty. 4. Are___Urals higher or lower than___Alps? 5. It 
was Burns who wrote "My heart's in ___Highlands". 6.___Mediterranean Sea washes___ 
Europe,___Asia and___northern coast of___Africa. 7. What oceans does___Panama Canal 
connect? — I suppose___Atlantic and___ Pacific Oceans. 8.___ Seine flows through___Paris 
to___Atlantic Ocean. 9. We get coffee mostly from ___ Brazil and ___ Columbia. 10.___Alaska 
is the biggest and coldest state in___USA. 11. Where are___Canaries situated? 12.___ 
United Kingdom consists of four parts:___England, ___Scotland,        Wales and___Northern 
Ireland, or ___Ulster. 13.___Himalayas are the highest mountains in___Asia. 14.1 went 
to___German Republic last summer, but I haven't been to___Netherlands yet. Of 
course, I would like to see___Hague. 15.___Thames is not the longest river in___Great Britain 
but it is rather wide and navigable. 16.___America consists of two parts, ___South and North 
America, doesn't it? 17. In___north there are___Cheviots. These are the mountains which 
separate___England from___Scotland. 18.___Brazil is the largest country of___South 
America.___Amazon, the widest river in___world, flows there. 19. What city is the capital 
of___Philippines? 20.___Republic of China is the third largest country in___world after 
Russia and___Canada. 
В Abstract nouns and names of materials. 
1.___life is impossible without___water and___air. 2. You can't swim in the river,___water isn't 
warm enough. 3. She hurried in and found___coffee almost boiled away. 4.___oil is lighter 
than___water. 5. He has___deep knowledge in mathematics. 6, You can't do any work without 
___knowledge. 7.___life is .___ complicated matter. 8,___Browns lived___quiet life 
somewhere in South Carolina, 9. The Moslems don't eat ___pork, 10.___water is precious in 
deserts and can be found in oases. 11. This is___coffee I am so fond of. I don't think there 
is___better coffee than this. 12,___ coffee is cultivated in the south of the island. 13. It seems 
to me Englishmen show___ deep distrust of strangers. 14. He wanted to give his son___ good 
education. 15.___ air was fresh and cool. 16. Nothing can travel faster than___light. 17. He can 
give you___good piece of ___advice. He is fond of giving.___advice. — But___ advice he gave 
us did not help. 18. The patient was making ___noticeable progress, 19, You can be satisfied 
with ___progress you have made. 20. Our plane ran into___ heavy weather. 
С School, college, etc. 
1. He had a headache and didn't go to ___work yesterday. 2. "What did you get in__„literature?" 
the mother asked her daughter when she came ___home from___school. 3. It was twelve o'clock 

but Andrew was still in___bed. 4, Could you give me a lift to___ college? 5. In summer they 
seldom go to___college. 6.1 like to stay at___home on cold evenings. 7. Have you heard 
anything from John lately? — Yes, he graduated from___Cambridge University. 8. The queen is 
going to open___new hospital in the capital next week. 9. Mom came to___school to see my 
teacher yesterday. 10. "You must do this exercise at___school and that one at___ home," said 
our teacher in a loud voice. 11.1 left my bag in___hospital when I was visiting Judy. 12. What a 
strange building! — It's___prison. It was built in the last century. 13. When I came to___prison 
to see my cousin, I found out that he had escaped two days before. 14. Look at this man. Can you 
imagine that he was in ___prison five years ago? 15. Let's meet at___church. It's on the left 
of___university. 16.1 went to___church last Sunday but I couldn't pray. There were two many 
people in___ church. 17. The doctor hoped that the patient would not stay in___bed for a long 
time. 18. Look at this ring. What a fine piece of___work! 19. They called a plumber to___prison 
to repair bad taps. 20. The parents were waiting for their children outside ___ school. 21. Oh, 
what___beautiful church! Let's go there to make some photos. 
D Proper names. 
1.___Mall is a wide avenue leading from___Trafalgar Square to___Buckingham Palace, the 
residence of the English kings. 2. The centre of___City is represented by three 
buildings:___Mansion House,___Royal Exchange and___Bank of___England. 3. When will he 
arrive at ___Heathrow airport? 4.___ Bolshoi Theatre is famous for its ballet performances. 5. 
What is on at ___ "Pushkinsky"? 6.___Princess Diana stayed at___Hilton Hotel. 7. People 
coming to London often do shopping in ___Oxford Street. 8.___London Zoo is situated in___. 
Regent Park in London. 9. If you are interested in churches and historical places, you should by 
no means see___ Westminster Abbey,___Houses of Parliament,___St. Paul's Cathedral 
and___Tower. 10.___British Museum is famous for its library, one of the richest in the world. 
11. The English parks —___Hyde Park,___Kensington Gardens and___Kew Gardens where you 
forget that you are in the big city, struck me most of all. 12. Julius Caesar founded___Tower of 
London. 13. Across the road from Westminster Abbey is___Westminster Palace, the seat 
of___British Parliament. 14. My train leaves from ___Waterloo Station at 2.10 a.m. 15.___West 
End is the symbol of a wealthy and luxurious life. 16. If you like art galleries you should go 
to___National Gallery and ___Tate. 17. Where do you live? — I live in___High Street. 18. On 
___ Wednesday ___ Financial Times published an article about the situation in___North Korea. 
19. Are you going to stay at___St. Marcus Hotel? — No, at___Plaza Hotel. 20. If you want to do 
shopping, go to ___Oxford Street or___Bond Street. 
E Nouns denoting parts of the day and names of seasons. 
1. It was___evening. 2. It was___warm summer evening. 3.___evening was very pleasant. 4. 
Let's meet in___evening, I'll be very busy in___afternoon. 5. It was___early morning. 6. It 
snowed at___night. 7. We started early in ___ morning. 8. We were shivering though it 
was___warm night. 9. They got up at___ dawn. The sun was shining brightly, there were no 
clouds in the sky. But they started off late in___morning. 10. What do you usually do 
in___autumn? 11. Russians like___hard winter with plenty of___snow and___ frost. 12. Nature 
is so beautiful in___spring. 13. In this country___spring is rather wet,___summer is 
sometimes hot,___autumn is windy and muddy,__ winter is seldom cold and snowy. How can 
people live here? I prefer___summer all the year round. 14. She still remembers___autumn when 
he first told her of his love. 15. Nothing can be more beautiful than green forests in___early 
spring. 16 .It was___late autumn. 17.___autumn of 1996 was very warm and sunny. 18.___ 
spring and love make people feel young. 19.1 am going to France in___summer. 20. In Great 
Britain___winters are not severely cold, while___summers are rarely hot.  

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