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were; 14) are; 15) are  Exercise 11

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were; 14) are; 15) are 
Exercise 11 
lg, 2a, 3b, 4j, 5h, 61, 7f, 8d
 9c, lOe 
Exercise 12 
1. We had such terrible weather that we left the hotel in the country (we did not have heating 
there) and took accommodation with a fireplace in town instead. 2. Yesterday I got permission to 
go there. What about you? Have you got your permits? 3.1 love French impressionists but I 
would need advice from a specialist before I bought any. My knowledge in that area is very poor. 
4. Her^work is definitely making great progress these days. She has done a lot of research lately. 
5. Have you heard that Jack's lodgings are in London, but on the outskirts of the city? This is 
interesting news, isn't it? 6. The police are looking for the animinals who escaped last night. The 
information about them was sent to all the police stations of the district. 7. Political and 
economic crises are frequent for Africa. 8. How much luggage/many pieces of luggage are you 
taking? Oh, I think you won't be able to cope with it. You'll have to hire a porter. 9. Last week 
was awful for her. She had two teeth pulled out, her children got ill and finally her husband lost 
money. 10. The tights are too loose for her. 
Exercise 13 
1. His advice is always so convincing. Why do you never follow it? 2. What nasty weather! It's 
better to stay at home in such rainy weather. 3. She is making good progress in English. 4.1 am 
surprised that she (has) believed this strange news. I am afraid, it is not true. Who told it to her? 
5.1 think these scales are broken.6. Yesterday I put money here. Where is it? I can't find it. 7.1 
think that the premises for our shop are quite good. 8.1 don't like these jeans. I think that pair of 
jeans is better. 9. The crew were ready to fulfil the order of the captain. 10. Criteria are often 
changing. 11. Your goods are made very badly. 12. It is necessary to sew new trousers for Nick. 
I have good blue cloth. 13. He bought a loaf of bread, a carton of milk, a bar of soap, and a tube 
of toothpaste. 14. The information about the prices is very interesting. 15. There are no traffic-
lights, and the crossroads is a very dangerous place. 16. The species of these plants are unknown. 
17. Suddenly I heard loud laughter (a loud laugh) behind me. 18. His knowledge in maths is 
better than mine. 19. Have you taken opera glasses? — No, we needn't them. Our seats are in the 
second row. 20, The evidence was very important, and he felt that the jury were against him. 21. 
In England wages are paid every week. 22. The actors were met with applause. 23. My watch is 
slow. 24. Carrots are rich in vitamins. 25. She thinks that modern clothes are nice and 

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