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Final Test 1 
Choose the right variant. 
1. Schools___pay___attention to examination___,and more attention___child. 
a)   may, a few, success, to a 
b)   can, little, successes, for the 
c)   must, few, successes, on a 
d)   should, less, success, to the 
2. Can you play___violin? — Yes, and I think___violin is more difficult than___piano. 
a)   the, the, the 
b)   a, a, a 
c)   a,___,___ 
d)   the, the, a 
3. The Prime Minister left this morning for a tour of___ Far East, He will visit ___ Singapore 
and ___Malaysia and then go on to___Philippines where he will make___speech about the 
a)  ___,___,___, the, a 
b)   the, the, the,___, the 
c)   the,___,___, the, a                                   ^ 
d) ___,___,___,___,___                               1 
4. The King Juan Carlos of the Spain arrived in London today for___visit to___United Kingdom. 
He___by ___Queen and drove with her to___Buckingham Palace. 

a)   three days, the, met, the,___ 
b)   three day,___, was being met,___, the 
c)   a three day, the, was met, the,___ 
d) a three day's, the, was meeting,___,..___ 
5. When my rich uncle died, he left___half of his fortune to his cat and___other half to a distant 
a) a,___ 
b)___, an 
c)___, the 
6. There are___new houses, but th%y have no___ local character; you can see the same 
style___in the country. 
a) a few, a, everywhere 
b) less,___, somewhere 
e) some, the, nowhere d) a few,___, anywhere 
7. Do you happen___which is the___planet in our solar system? — Pluto,___it? I know it is 
the___away from the sun. 
a) to know, smallest, doesn't, farthest 
b) to know, smallest, isn't, furthest 
c) knowing, smaller, doesn't, farther 
d) to have known, small, isn't, far 
8. In spite of the fact that Jean always___she's short___money, she___to have a very___paid job. 
a) says, of, is said, well 
b) tells, for, says, good 
c) says, on, talks, good 
d) tells, in, is told, well 
9. We used to___to bed at___midnight or later Now we are asleep by ten because with our baby 
we've bad to get used to___up at five o'clock. 
a) go, the, wake 
b) go,___, waking 
c) going,___, waking 
d) going, the, wake 
10. We___to finish the project by the end of the month but we keep___by changes in the plans. 
a) hope, to delay 
b) have hoped, to be delayed 
c) hoped, delaying 
d) hope, being delayed 
11.1 did not much speak English ___because I couldn't think of the words___enough, but lately 
I___ much___. 
a) first, quick, became, fluent 
b) at first, quickly, have become, more fluent 
c) firstly, quicker, had become, fluenter 
d) the first, more quickly, became, more fluenter 
12.1 think it's a pity Rebecca had her hair___short 
because she looked much___before. 
a) to cut, nicer 
b) cutting, more nice 
c) cut, nicer 
d) to have cut, more nicely 
13.1 don't mind___at by him. He threatened___ me last week, but he apologized___me very 
politely then.  
a) shouting, to sack, at 

b) being shouting, sacking, in front of 
c) be shouted, to have sacked, to 
d) being shouted, to sack, to 
14. I've tried___the problem with her, but she always she is too busy. I've even  
vrith me but she refused___. 
a) to discuss, says, asking, to, to go 
b) to discuss, tells, to ask, for, going 
c) discussing, says, to ask, to the, to go 
d) discussing, tells, asking, for the, going 
15.1___rather she___a chat with him. How long ___like this? 
a) would, has, was he 
b) had, would have, is he 
c) would, had, has he been 
d) had, had, had he been 
16. His wife who___their baby daughter into the bed___in the parlour___socks. 
a) have just put, was sitting, darning 
b) had just put, was sitting, darning 
c) just put, sat, darned 
d) just put, had been sitting, to darn 
17.___I knew of the inmates of Moor House,___I liked them because they were the best people 
a) more, better, ever met 
b) the most, the best, had ever met 
c) more, the best, have ever met 
d) the more, the better, had ever met 
18. The miles appeared  ___ so long that they sometimes thought they___the road. 
a) being, had to miss 
b) to have been, must miss 
c) to be, must have missed 
d) having been, were to miss 
19. Harry was the first ___that his brother ___ forward___the candidate for this district. 
a) to suggest, be put, as 
b) suggesting, should put, as 
c) suggest, should be put, like 
d) to have suggested, were put, like 
20.1 always used to arrive___at the office, but since Laurie was born my secretary___used 
to___me hard at work by the time she gets in. 
a) late, has got, finding 
b) late, had got, finding 
c) lately, got, find 
d) later, was got, find 

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