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Exercise 323. 
Fill in the blanks with the verb  do or make in the proper tense and voice. 
    1. When he was___his written exercises, he___some gammar mistakes. 2. He___up his mind 
not to talk to the news people and hurried to the White House entrance. 3-. What does he___for a 
living? - He___research at the university. 4. "___your report brief. Keep to the subject," said the 
chairman. 5. She always___her best to study well. 6. Eat more vegetables. They will___ you a 
lot of good. 7. The boy was upset, he had___his mother cry. 8. You must always try to___your 
best. 9. What do you want me___? I can't___money, I know it. 10.___sure that your plane will 
take off at nine. 11. Who___this dress for you? 12. He___the first attempt, but it was a failure. 
13. We like___our guests comfortable. 14, Every morning the maid goes to all rooms on our 
floor___beds. 15. I'm sorry, I can___nothing to help you. 
Exercise 324.  
Fill in the blanks with the verb say, speak, talk or tell in the proper tense and voice. 
1. We___ good-bye to our new friends and left. 2. The customs officer ___ the passengers to fill 
in the declaration. 3. To___the truth, I don't care what she ___. 4, He___her, "He'll join us as 
soon as he is off duty." 5. Who is Jane___? 6. If tae boss phones,___him I'll be in a quarter of an 
hour. 7. She can't___the language properly. 8. If you want to visit a foreign country you should 
know what___and how to behave in a country with its own traditions and customs. 9. My elder 
sister is fond of___on the telephone. 10. Don't trust him. He has___a lie. 11. He likes___about 
his work. 12. Sorry, what did you___? 
Exercise 325. 
 Fill in the blanks with the verb hear or listen in the proper tense and voice, 
1. We have___on the radio today that the fares will go up. 2. He is a bad speaker. They always 
___ him inattentively because he speaks in a low monotonous voice and they don't___him well. 
3. You should always___ what your parents say. 4. Have you___the latest news? 5.1 

haven't___from him for a long time. 6. He stopped because he___music in the distance. 7. Stop 
shouting! I am not deaf. I___you very well. 8. When I came, he was ___a CD. 9.1___you had 
been promoted. 10. We___ him open the door and enter the house. 
Exercise 326.  
Choose the right verb and put it into the corresponding form. 
1.1 felt bad yesterday, so I (lie/lay) in bed all day. 2. She (lie/lay) all her clothes into the suitcase. 
3. Please (lie/lay) the book on the table. 4. Mother (sit/set) the basket under the table. 5. She had 
bad toothache and had to (make/ do) an appointment to see a dentist. 6. What Ann (make/ do) for 
a living after the divorce? — She (make/do) cakes for sale. She already (make/do) a fortune. 7. 
you (hear/ listen) his last song? I've got a record of it. Let's (hear/ listen) to it. 8. They (lie/lay) 
the telephone cable before building the house. 9. After receiving his commission he (rise/raise) 
and went away. 10„ The chairman (rise/raise) his hand and made a sign for everybody to be 
silent and began (say/tell/speak/talk). 11. The article (say/tell/speak/ talk) that the situation in the 
region is rather dangerous. 12. Who (say/tell/speak/talk) you that the agreement had already been 
signed? 13. She (hear/listen) the news announce. 14. They (sit/set) the bench under a cherry-tree 
and decided to have a chat (sit/set) in the shade. 15. They (say/tell/speak/talk) it will be raining 

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