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Exercise 319. 
 Translate into English. 
1. Он пристрастился к картам еще в молодости. 2. Не стоит на него обижаться. Он не 
хотел тебя обидеть. 3. У него алиби (alibi). Когда произошло убийство (murder), он был в 
другом городе. 4. Диктофон (dictaphone) не работал, и ему пришлось записать всю беседу. 
5. Мой сын пошел в своего деда: такой же упрямый (stubborn). 6. Он воспользовался 
какими-нибудь преимуществами? 7. Он заметил ее на трамвайной остановке. 8. Мы 
считали само собой разумеющимся, что он победит. 9. Она относится к людям, которые 
все близко принимают к сердцу. 10. Мы присоединим еще одну фирму в следующем году. 
11. Он проявил интерес к моей работе. 12. Какие меры приняты, чтобы гарантировать 
(guarantee) получение прибыли (profit)? 13. Самолет взлетает через десять минут. Просьба 
пристегнуть ремни. 14. Мы приняли его за итальянца, а он оказался испанцем. 15. Он 
решил взять слово на следующем заседании (sitting). 16. В зале было очень душно (stuffy), 
и она сняла жакет. 17. Они приняли во внимание все его замечания. 18. Я бы хотела 
работать в госпитале и ухаживать за ранеными. 19. Он принял деятельное участие в 
обсуждении плана. 
Choose the right variant
1. Only ___the deserts ___the Rockies and the Sierras,___the mountains and___the plains of 
eastern Kansas and Nebraska the American Indians still dominated the land. 
a)   on, between, in, in 
b)   at, among, at, on 
c)   in, between, in, on 
d)   in, among, in, on 
2.___1812 Russian fur traders established Fort Ross ___California's northern coast and it 
functioned___a Russian trading post___1841 when,___order from Alaska, the fort was 
a)   in, on, as, until, by 
b)   on, at, as, by, through 
c)   at, in, like, till, at 
d)   during, along, like, in, by 
3. Abraham Lincoln was born___February 12,1809 ___a small farm ___Kentucky ___the family 
of a wandering laborer. 
a)   in, at, in, to 
b)   on, on, in, in 
c)   at, in, near, of 
d)   on, to
 by, among 
4. The high brown-painted bookshelves___the wall ___the fireplace were full___books. 
a)   at, in front of, with 
b)   across, opposite, of 
c)   along, below, in 
d)   near, above, off 
5. Chicago lies___800 miles inland___the Atlantic Ocean and___centuries was known 
only___Indians ___a small trading post. 
a)   around, off, for, for, as 
b)   nearly, from, during, to, like 
c)   near, across, since, for, like 
d)  about, from, for, to, as 

6. They walked slowly___the road___two small hills tired___the hot afternoon sun. 
a)   in, between, from 
b)   through, among, from 
c)   along, between, of 
d)  on, across, of 
7. When I come___some English words which I don't know I always look them___in the 
a)   to, for 
b)   on, through 
c)   for, into 
d)   across, up 
8. The Milky Way,___a river___the night sky, consists___countless stars too faint to be seen 
a)  like, across, of 
b)  like, in, from 
c)  as, across, of 
d)  as, in, from 
9.___, trials the judge always objects___questions that suggest answers instead of 
a)   in,___,___ 
b)   at, to, for 
c)   on, at,___ 
d)   during, on, to 
10. Responsibility___providing school education is shared___the. central department and local 
education authorities. 
a)   at, by 
b)   on, between 
c)   for, by 
d)   to, among 
11.___ a moment he hesitated; then he walked straight___the door and knocked___it. "I'll say 
I've knocked___mistake," he thought. 
a)   in, into, to, on 
b)   during, up, on, because of 
c)   on, up to, against, through 
d)   for, to, at, by 
12. Many of the first immigrants died___diseases, and their ships were often battered___storm 
and lost ___sea. 
a)   from, with, in 
b)   of, by, at 
c)   from, by, at 
d)   of, with, in 
13. The solution ___the problem was to build a merchant fleet and look___markets___far 
corners of the earth. So trade became the key___prosperity. 
a)   of, up, in, of 
b)   to, upon, at, to 
c)   to, for, in, to ti)  of, for, at, to 
14. Situated___the San Francisco Bay and___the steep hills, San Francisco is a colourful 
city___lovely vistas, beautiful bridges (___these the famous Golden Gate Bridge) and richly 
decorated private mansions. 
a)   along, among, of, among 
b)  across, between, with, between 
c)   near, in, of, between 

d)   along, between, for, among 
15. He crossed the street and sat___one of the iron benches that were placed___the trees___the 
a)   on, near, at 
b)   in, under, on 
c)   on, under, in 
d)   at, at, to 
16.1 shouted___my aunt and she came downstairs. My uncle was sitting ___his armchair ___the 
fire reading The Financial Times. 
a)   to, on, in front of 
b)   at, in, opposite 
c)   to, in, by 
d)   at, into, near 
17.___the very beginning he became very popular ___his classmates owing___his striking 
ability___ telling frightening stories. 
a)   in, among, due, for 
b)   at, with, to, to 
c)   on, between, for, of 
d)   at, with, to, of 
18. Jack did not much care___his host. It never occurred___him that he might be a burden. 
a)   about, for  
b)   for, to 
c)   of, of 
d)   for, for 
19.1 am so sorry___being late. It's been good__ you to wait___. me. 
a)   for, for, for 
b)   of, of, of 
c)   about, for,___ 
d)   for, of, for 
20. Her job___a tourist guide consists___taking tourists___the town and answering___their 
a)   as, of, round,___ 
b)   as, from, about, to 
c)   like, in, through,___ 
d)  like, of, to, to 

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