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Exercise 304. 
 Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right. 
1)    look after                   a)   turn the head (to see) 
2)    look at                        b)  examine 
3)    look for                      c)  investigate something 
4)    look forward to           d)  search for something 
                                           in a reference book, dictionary 
5)    look into                     e)  search for someone/ 
6)    look like                     f)   raise one's eyes 
7)    look out                      g)  consider someone/ 
8)    look round                  h) take care of someone/ 
9)    look through               i)   direct one's eyes on 
10)  look up (2)                  j)   resemble someone/ 
k) anticipate something with pleasure 
11)  look upon                    1)   be on the watch; be 
Exercise 305. 
 Fill in the blanks. 
1.1 was about to step out in front of the oncoming truck when somebody yelled to me to 
look___. 2. With his fair hair and light skin he looks just___his father. 3, Pete looked 
everywhere___the book which he had lost. 4. You should look___all unfamiliar words in a 
dictionary. 5. The police are looking___the records of  all involved in the crime. 6. It is quite 
unwise to look___ a person who is different from us as a fool. 7. Our neighbours promised to 
look___our cat while we are on holiday. 8. We are looking_______ your visit. 9. She 
' looked___him as if she wanted to ask something. 10. He 'looked___, but found no one. 11. She 
sat at the window looking __ a newspaper. 12. The captain looked___the glasses and saw a small 
boat in the distance. 13. He looked___from his paper and saw a young dark-haired girl. 
Exercise 306.  
Find and correct the mistakes if any. 
1. If you look after something that is going to happen, you want it to happen because you expect 
to enjoy it. 2. Look out the address of the nearest clinic. 3. "Look in, Fm going to drop a rock," I 
shouted. 4. I've been looking upon my spectacles for half an hour and can't find them. 5. She 
looked round the paper with some interest trying to guess whose work it was. 6. He looked up 
and then said he would never forget what I had done. 7. He looked upon the book to see if he had 
read it before. 8. A government inquiry is looking up the cause of the accident. 9. We are looking 

up you as a person who will bring the company successfully out of the recession. 10. I'm sorry to 
hear you lost your job. I do hope that the things will look up for you soon. 11. Six nurses look 
through the patients in this ward. 

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