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Unit 21 
Phrasal Verbs and Verb-Based Expressions 
Exercise 293.  
Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right. 
1)   get hold of                  a)  finish something 
2)   get down to                b) get free of something 
                                             or somebody 
3)   get in                         
)   annoy 
4)    get off                        d) become accustomed to 
5)   get on                         e)  meet with someone 
6)    get on with                 f)   climb down 
7)   get on one's nerves      g)  enter 
8)    get out                       h) know someone or some- 
                                             thing better 
9)   get a notice                 i)   climb aboard 
10)  get through                j)   seize something or 
11)  get up                         k) become soaked with 
12)  get rid of                    1)   begin doing some kind 
                                             of work in earnest 
13)  get used to                  m) be friends with some- 
14)  get wet                       n) wake up and get out of 
                                            the bed 
15)  get together                о)  get a warning about a 
                                            forthcoming dismissal 
16)  get to know                p)  go away 
Exercise 294.  
Paraphrase the following sentences using expressions from the exercise abo\e. 
1. At last I have finished this work! 2. It rained heavily. We got soaked to the skin. 3. We rose 
early yesterday because the train started at 7 o'clock. 4. It is difficult to get accustomed to hot 
weather if one lives in the north. 5. She was upset because her husband had been warned that he 
would be dismissed. 6. It's high time we began our studies. 7. She is such a bore! She annoys me 
every time I see her. I'm dreaming of shaking her off. 8. We haven't met since we graduated. 9. 
Though they are quite different, they agree well. 10. Look! The cat's seized a bird! 

Exercise 295.  
Fill in the blanks. 
1.1 get___ the bus every morning at the corner of 32nd Street and get___ at 27th Street. 2. He 
got___ that he would be fired at the end of the month. 3. Turn that radio off. It gets___. 4. He 
invited us to get___ the car and go for a ride with him. 5. If the crocodile gets ___its victim, he 
will surely kill it. 6. Get___of the rain or you'll get___. 7. I'll have to get___very early tomorrow. 
8. Get___of my house! I don't want to see you. 9. John is bothering me. Help me to get___him 
please. 10.1 can't get___her manner of speaking. I think she talks too fast and too much. 11. Stop 
talking, you lazy-bones! Get___business at once! 12. How do you get___Pete? — Well, he a fine 
chap. 13. We all try to get___at least once a year at Christmas. 14. We got___ work at five 
o'clock. 15. You will get___him better when you meet him more often. 

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