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Exercise 273.  
Paraphrase the following sentences using the subjunctive mood after the verb wish. 
Example: It's a pity you are so busy these days. — I wish you were not so busy these days. 
1. It's a pity we won't be able to reach the village before sunset. 2. My friend regrets not having 
told you all at once. 3. It's a pity that you did not send your son 
for one of us last night. 4. What a pity you are leaving so soon. 5. Unfortunately, he did not 
receive the answer before Christmas. 6.1 am sorry I made you upset by bringing such depressing 
news. 7. The patient was sorry that he had not fulfilled all the doctor's instructions. 8. She was 
sorry she had no money to buy a toy for her son. 9. They were disappointed that they had not 
persuaded her. 10. It's a pity we are not so young as you are. 
Exercise 274. 
 Translate into English. 
1. Как жаль, что он пришел так поздно. Мы не успели поговорить о наших проблемах, 2. 
Как жаль, что он не разработал этот проект. 3. Как жаль, что нам придется так скоро 
уехать. 4. Обидно, что вы не дождались его прихода. 5. Я теперь жалею, что не послушал-
ся его совета. 6. Обидно, что вас не поняли. 7. Жаль, что вы упустили такой шанс. 8. 
Обидно, что ей придется отказаться от такого предложения. 9. Как жаль, что он работает 
допоздна. 10. Он пожалел, что пришел и привел с собой друга. 11. Я бы очень хотела быть 
сейчас в Лондоне. 12. Как бы мне хотелось говорить по-английски так же хорошо, как он. 
Exercise 275.  
Choose the correct variant. 
1. It was desirable that we (started/start) at dawn. 2.1 insist that she regularly (should 
inform/would inform) us of her whereabouts. 3. It was suggested that they (cover/would cover) 
the distance in very short time. 4. The lawyer demanded that the prisoner (would be freed/ be 
freed). 5. The coach insisted that the athlete (should start/starting) training in a month. 6. The 
chairman proposed that the question (being put/be put) to vote. 7. Why do you insist that he 
(do/would do) the task on his own? 8. It is necessary that the sick man (to stay/ gtay) in bed for a 
fortnight. 9. It is not advisable that the children (were left/be left) alone. 10. It is important that 
Mr. Leeds (would give/should give) a speech. 
Exercise 276.  
Paraphrase the following using the Subjunctive mood. 
1 . It is advisable for you to see a doctor before going to the South. 2. He had to suggest her 
taking part in the competition. 3. The doctor recommended her to keep to a diet. 4. The captain 
ordered everybody to leave the deck. 5. The majoi ity of the committee insisted on the matter 
being postponed. 6. It was suggested the celebration being put off. 7. It is necessary for the child 
to spend more time out of doors. 8. The demonstrators demand the ifecrease in prices. 9. It is 
quite uncommon for them to be against such a reasonable suggestion. 10. They advised 
her to find another job. 11. It is necessary for you to hand in an application not later than a week. 
12. He insisted on being given a chance to prove his point of  view. 13. It is very important for 
them to see the purpose of their work. 14. They requested for the goods to be delivered in time. 
15. It is desirable for the applicant to have his address and telephone number in case the  
management may want him. 

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