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Exercise 265.  

Open the brackets in the conditional sentences making necessary changes. 
A Example: If he (come) tomorrow, he will help us. — If he comes tomorrow, he will help us. 
1. If you (put) salt on ice, it will melt. 2. If he (leave) now, he will miss the rush hour. 3. 
Provided that she (service) the car, we'll be able to drive to the country. 4. Unless he (do) his 
homework, he'll stay at home.  5. Providing that we (get up) early, we'll reach the place of 
destination in time. 6. They will let us know if they (see) him. 
В Example: If he (come) tomorrow, he would help us. — If he came tomorrow, he would help us. 
1. If you met the president, what you (do)? 2. If he (live) nearer, we would see each other more 
often. 3.1 might go for a walk if the weather (be) nice. 4.1 would call him up if he (come) 
tomorrow. 5. If I were as young as you are, I (sail) in a boat round the world. 6.1 would go skiing 
if there (be) more snow. 7, She would play tennis if it (be) not so hot. 8. If I (be) in his shoes, I 
wouldn't invite the Browns. 9. If we (not have) to study, we would go out tonight. 10. Where you 
(go) if you were on leave? 
C Example: If he (come) yesterday, he would have helped us. — If he had come yesterday, he 
would have helped us. 
1. She (notice) this mistake if she had been more attentive. 2,1 might have gone on an excursion 
with you if I (know) about it beforehand. 3. If we (know) that you were there, we would have 
called on you. 4. If I had known of his arrival, I (meet) him. 5. Nobody told me about your 
trouble. I would have helped you if I (know) about it. 6. If you had tried your best, you (get) the 
job. 7. If he (not work) late, he would have caught his bus. 8. If Mary had agreed to sit in for us
we (go) to the movie yesterday. 9. He (pass) his exams well if he had studied hard. 10 Л would 
have prepared everything yesterday if I (receive) your message on Monday. 

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