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Exercise 23.  
Fill in the blanks with little, a little, few, a few. 
1. I'd like to make___remarks in connection with the topic under discussion. 2.___peopJe realize 
how important it is to go in for sports. 3. This student has deep knowledge in English and besides 
he knows___ French. 4. He is a man of.___words. 5. Only___names remained in his memory, 
for this accident happened more than 20 years ago, 6. That lecture was so difficult that 
only___students could understand it. 7.1 had ___ hope of getting home tonight because I realized 
that I had lost my way. 8. The postman doesn't often come here. We receive___letters. 9. I'm 
having___trouble fixing this shelf. — Oh dear! Can I help you? 10.1 shall be away for___.days 
from tomorrow. 11. When you've wanted something very badly and it comes at last, it is 
somehow ___ frightening. 12. It was a cold windy evening, and there were___people in the park. 
13. There were no doctors for the wounded, and to make things worse there was only ___ food 
left.  14. She asked permission to speak to the guest for___moments, 15.1 won't listen to you! I'd 
like to believe that there is___ hope left. 
Exercise 24.  
Paraphrase the following sentences using the words from the box. 
Few, a few, quite a few, little, a little 
1. Only some pupils wrote the test. 2. A small number of people live to be 80 in Russia. 3.1 have 
not much time for studying. 4. He had a considerable number of mistakes in his dictation. 5. She 
has got some time to prepare for the report. 

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