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Exercise 247.  
Read the situations and write sentences with should (shouldn't) haoe or ought to (ought not to) 
Example: He had a test this morning. — He didn't do it well. He should have studied more last 
1. She didn't take a taxi. She was late for the wedding. 2.1 didn't eat at home. Now I'm hungry. 3. 
She bought a TV set last month. Now she regrets doing that. Her children watch it day arid night. 
4. He signed a contract without reading it thoroughly. Now he has discovered that he has no right 
to make any amendments there. 5. Mary sold her house. That was a mistake because now she 
spends a lot of money to rent an apartment. 6.1 enjoyed the party last night a lot. Why didn't you 
come? 7, The driver in front of me stopped suddenly and I smashed into the back of his car. It 
was not my fault. 8. The boy went out without the doctor's permission Now he is much worse. 9. 
When we arrived at the hotel there were no free rooms. We hadn't reserved one. 10. It was not a 
good idea for Tom and Mary to get married. Now they quarrel all days long. 

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