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Exercise 241.  
Open the brackets and give the correct form of the verb after need. 
l. The vegetable garden needs (water). 2. The TV needs to be (fix). 3. They need (come) here at 
three o'clock. 4. The cottage needs to be (repair). 5. She needs (prepare) harder for her exams. 6. 
The lawn needs (cut). 7. You need (book) a ticket beforehand. 8. Granny needs to be (look after). 
9. The walls need to be (paper). 10.1 need (get) this book somewhere. 
Exercise 242.  
Complete the sentences with the words from the box. Pay attention to the use of the particle to. 

Example: All is agreed and understood between us,so you needn't___about it any more. — 
All is agreed and understood between us, so you needn't worry about it any more, 
You don't need___there. — You don't need to go there. 
1. You needn't___here by yourself. You may send someone else. 2. She doesn't need___bags by 
herself: there are porters at the station. 3. You don't need___ about her; she is quite able to take 
care of herself. 4.1 don't need___you how important it is. 5.1 needn't ___him. He will tell me 
everything himself. 6. You needn't___me again, I never forget my promise. ?. She doesn't 
need___to the library; I have got this book. 8. They needn't___for the airport so early; I will give 
them a lift. 9.1 can do it by myself. You needn't___ me. 10. You don't need___to her. I have 
already told her everything. 
Exercise 243. 
Choose the right variant. 
1. He says I (mustn't/needn't) do it. He has already done it. 2. You (needn't/mustn't) carry your 
driving license with you. 3.1 can show my student's card, and I (mustn't/needn't) pay to get in. 4. 
I've hurt my knee and the doctor says I (mustn't/needn't) play football for two weeks.  5. Copies 
(needn't/mustn't) be done without permission. 6. He is a very discreet person, you (needn't/ 
mustn't) be afraid of telling him anything. 7. He (needn't/mustn't) be said twice. 8. You 
(needn't/mustn't) answer the question if you don't want to. 9. It's a nonsmoking carriage. You 
(needn't/mustn't) smoke here. 10. She (needn't/mustn't) go to bed so late. Has she forgotten the 
doctor's instructions? 
Exercise 244, 
 Open the brackets and fill in the blanks with either didn't need (to) 01   needn't have (done). 
1. You___ (go) into so many details. The report was too long. 2, She got up late because she was 
alone and she____(cook) breakfast for the whole family. 3. We ___(hurry): she wasn't ready yet. 
4. He___(return) to the office so he took a taxi and went home. 5.1___ (take) a bus because 
Martin gave me a lift. 6. We___ (come) so early. Now we must wait. 7. She___(go) shopping so 
she went straight home. 8. You___(make) this remark, I am sure he felt hurt. 9. She was on 
holiday and she___(wake up) early. 10. He___(spend) so much money. Does he remember that 
he's got children? 
Exercise 245.  
Translate into English using the verb need. 
1. Зря ты сказал Майку об этом. 2, Егэ не надо оо этом спрашивать. 3. Мне нужна ваша 
помощь. 4. Зря ты учил текст наизусть (by heart); учитель его не спрашивал. 5. Вечером 
температура упала, и он решил, что ему не нужно идти к врачу. 6. Разве ты не видишь, что 
ему надо подстричься? 7. Зря он отказался от приглашения. 8. Вы купили машину только 
год назад. Неужели ее надо красить? 9. Мне нужно наладить (fix) компьютер. 10. Джону 
не надо было ехать в Лондон, и он решил провести выходные в Брайтоне. 

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