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Exercise 238. 
 Paraphrase the following sentences using the verb must. 
Example: I am sure they have changed the time. — They must have changed the time. 
1. They are in Greece. I am sure they are enjoying themselves. 2. She is an experienced teacher. I 
am certain she has been working at school for at least twenty years. 3. They have probably 
finished painting the house. 4.1 feel sure she is at home. 5. Probably they have already passed the 
frontier. 6. She is sure he is playing cards with his friends. 7. She is not very young, as she seems 
to be. I think she is nearly forty. 8.1 think you have visited this place before. 9. He has to do a 
very urgent task. I feel sure he is working now. 10. He is so absent-minded. I am sure he left the 
letter unanswered. 11. You know he is a good tennis player. He is no doubt has won this match. 
12.1 shan't bother you any longer; no doubt you feel tired of my talking after a tiring day. 13. It 
is clear that they are expecting somebody. 14. She was obviously upset by something; I never 
saw her so nervous. 15. The youth is probably reading something funny. He is smiling all the 
Exereise 239, 
Choose the right variant. 
1. He wants us to obey him. We____exactly what he says. 
a)   have to do 
b)   must to do 
c)   are to do 
2. Mrs. Sparred ____very beautiful when she was young. She has a fine face. 
a)   was to be 
b)   must have been 
c)   must be 
3. You____so late. You should leave after dinner. 
a)   are not to stay 
b)   must not have stayed 
c)   must not stay 
4. Something____. He____at seven, 
a)   must happen, must come 
b)   must have happened, had to come 
c)   must have happened, was to have come 
5. Yesterday's rain spoiled my shoes completely and I___new ones. 

a)   had to buy 
b)   must have bought 
c)   was to buy 
6.  Which of them____the documents? 
a)   must have brought 
b)   have to bring 
c)   was to bring 
7. The only thing he knew for certain was that he ____them. 
a)  must not meet 
b)   hasn't to meet 
c)   is not to meet 
8. You can't come in. You___a catching disease like that. 
a)   must not have 
b)   don't have to have 
c)   aren't to have 
9. There__._ a garden once. 
a)   was to be 
b)   must have been 
c)   must be 
10. We___in. The weather is changing, 
a)   must go 
b)   must have gone 
c)   are to go 

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