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Choose the right variant. 
1.  He seemed___all about influenza and said___was nothing___about. 
a)   to know, it, to worry 
b)   to be knowing, there, worrying 
c)   to know, there, to worry 
d)   to have known, it, to have been worried 
2. She put down her book___me___; and___me ___took her workbasket and sat into one of the 
old-fashioned armchair. 
a)   to see, coming in, have welcomed, as usually 
b)   having seen, to come in, welcoming, usually 
c)   on seeing, come in, having welcomed, as usual 
d)   after seeing, having come in, to welcome, in a usual way 
3.  I don't object___there, but I don't want ___ alone. 
a)   to your living, you living 
b)   you to live, your living 
c)   your living, you to live 
d)   to your living, you to live 
4.1 remember___that hill in twilight. An age seemed ___since the day that brought me first to 
a)  descending, to have elapsed 
b). to have descended, to have elapsed 
c)   to descend, to elapse 
d)  being descended, to be elapsed 
5. He stood invisible at the top of the stairs___Irene ___the letters___by the___post. 
a)   to watch, to sort, bringing, latest 
b)   watching, sorting, brought, last 
c)   having watched, sorting, having brought, latest 
d)  being watched, having sorted, to have been brought, last 
6. On his way home Andrew could not help___what ___charming fellow Ivory had turned 
a)   to reflect, a, to be 
b)  being reflected, the, have been 
c)   reflecting, the, be 
d)   reflecting, a, to be 
7.1 wouldn't like___because I'm afraid___. 
a)   drive fast, crashing 

b)   to drive fast, of crashing 
c)   driving fastly, to crash 
d)   to be driven faster, to be crashed 
8.___paper is said___by___Chinese. 
a)  ___, to have been invented, the 
b)   the, to have been invented,___ 
c)  ___, to have invented,___ 
d)   the, to be invented, the 
9. There is no point___to him. He is___last man in the world___by any such circumstances. 
a)   to speak, the, to trouble 
b)   to speak,___, being troubled 
c)   speaking, a, be troubled 
d)   in speaking, the, to be troubled 
10. It's high time you___like that. He is fond___fun of everybody. 
a)   get used to him to behave, to make 
b)   used to his behaving, about making 
c)   got used to his behaving, of making 
d)   used to behave, to make 
11 „ He felt___something from him and demanded _______truth. He wasn't worth______'_ lie. 
a)   them to hide, to tell, the, telling, the 
b)   them hiding, they will tell, a, to tell, a 
c)   they were hiding, being told, the, telling, a 
d)   they hide, telling, a, telling, the 
12._______words about the author himself, the lecturer went on___of his works.  
a)   after saying, a few, to speak 
b)   saying, few, to speak 
c)   having said, few, speaking 
d)  to have said, a few, speaking 
13. She was looking forward to___the leading part ___that she was greatly___at not even___it. 
a)   giving, playing, disappointing, being offered 
b)   to be given, to play, disappointed, to be offered 
c)   being given, to play, disappointed, being offered 
d)   give, playing, disappointed, offering 
14. Did you remember___the parcel I gave you? —Yes, I remember___it a week ago. 
a)   to post, posting 
b)   to post, to post 
c)   posting, to post 
d)   posting, posting 
15.  You___go and check everything by yourself unless you___it. 
a) would better, want him to do it 
b)  had rather, don't want his doing 
c)   had better, want him to do it 
d)  would rather, don't want him to do 
16. The accused men___near the bank during the robbery. It's no,use___the case without 
a)   deny being somewhere, investigating, evidence 
b)  denies to be anywhere, to investigate, evidences 
c)   deny being anywhere, investigating, evidence 
d)   denies to be somewherej to investigate, evidences 
17. You___your children___their own way in the end. 
a)   are to let, to go 
b)   have letting, going 

c)   have to let, go 
d)   are to let, gone 
18.1 suggest___as soon as possible. I___before sunset. 
a)   us to start, would rather to come 
b)  our starting, had rather come 
c)   us starting, would prefer to come 
d)  our starting, would rather come 
19.1 am afraid___to him. What if he really has the power to stop___there, and means___them 
against me? 
a)   to speak, me go, to turn 
b)  of speaking, my going, turning 
c)   to speak, my going, to turn 
d)   speaking, me going, to turn 
20. He's always regretted___school so young. He has not got enough qualifications and 
education. Unfortunately he often receives letters___with "Dear sir, we regret___you that your 
application was turned down." 
a)   leaving, beginning, to inform 
b)   to leave, to begin, to inform 
c)  leaving, beginning, informing 
d)  to leave, to begin, informing 
Unit 18 Modal Verbs 

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