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Choose the right variant. 
1. His advice___always reasonable. I advise you to follow___. 
a)   are, them               c) is, it 
b)   are, it                     d) is, them 
2. The applause___deafening. I can't stand___any longer. Let's go out. 
a)   are, them                c)  is, them 
b)   is, it                       d) are, it 
3. The second witness's evidence___more convincing. ___made me believe that the suspect is 
a)   are, it                     c)  are, they 
b)   is, it                       d) is, they 

4. Look, her clothes___brand new. Where did she get the money to buy___? 
a)   is, it                      c)   are, them 
b)   are, it                    d)   is, them 
5. The Browns who lived in___house___dining with the Harrisons who___their best friends. 
a)   a three-storey, were, were                c)   a three-storey's, were, were 
b)   three-storeys, were, was                  d)   three-storeys', was, were 
6. The information he gave us___convincing. I don't think we should check___. 
a)   is, it                       c)  are, them 
b)   is, them                  d)  are.it 
7. Her pyjamas___made of silk. I like___very much. 
a)   is, it                       c)  are.it 
b)   is, them                  d)  are, them 
8. These scissors___dull! I can't cut anything with 
a)   are, them               c)  is, it 
b)   is, them                  d)  are, it 
9. When I move to London, I'll have to find lodgings. I'm afraid___will be very expensive and 
I'll have to pay for___half of my salary, 
a)   it, it                       c)  they, it 
b)   they, them             d)  it, them 
10.1 think billiards___a dull game. I wonder why the youth nowadays___so fond of___? 
a)   are, is, it                 c)   are, are, them 
b)   is, are, it                 d)   is, are, them 
11. He is so depressed. The contents of the letter___ made public. General 
a)   have been, is, them              c) have been, are, them 
b)   has been, are, it                     d) has been, is, it 
12. Look! Goods___displayed in the window. The manager says that there will be___sale. 
a)   are, two-days'                      c)   are, a two-days 
b)   is, two-day's                        d)   is, a two-day 
13. Our family  ___  good at playing draughts. Draughts___our favourite game. We 
play___every weekend. 
a)   is, is, it                   c)  are, are, them 
b)   are, is, it                 d) is, are, it 
14. Stop! The traffic___heavy and the traffic lights ___red. In___time you will cross the street. 
a)   is, is, two-minutes                        c)   are, is, a two-minutes' 
b)   are, are, a two-minute                  d)   is, are, two-minutes' 
15. He spent___holiday at the___, 
a)   a week, Richardsons'                    c)   a weeks, Richardsons 
b)   week's, Richardson                      d)   week, Richardson's 
16. She was going for___walk across the fields to the___house. She was sure that he would help 
her because it was the duty of___to help poor people like her. 
a)   a ten-miles, governor's-general, governor-generals 
b)   a ten-mile's, governor-general's, governors-general 
c)   a ten-mile, governor-general's, governor-generals 
d)   ten miles', governor-generals', governors-general 
17. She wished she had a little garden with___and like that of___. 
a)  lilies-of-the-valleys, forgets-me-nots, Mrs. Sand 
b)   lily-of-the-valleys, forget-me-nots, Mrs. Sand's 
c)   lilies-of-the-valiey, forget-me-nots, Mrs. Sand's 
d)  lilies-of-the-valleys, forgets-me-not, Mrs. Sand 
18. Take your___and get out with___! You got my ___ notice, didn't you? 
a)   belonging, it, two weeks                         c)   belongings, them, two week's 

b)  belongings, it, a two weeks                  d)  belonging, them, two week's 
19. We want to equip our factory with___and to install___ in the assembly shop. 
a)   new machineries, them                       c)   new machines, it 
b)   a new machinery, it                            d)   new machinery, it 
20. Have you got all the___of Byron in your home  library? — Yes, I have, but I haven't read all 
a)   works, them           c)  works, it 
b)  work, it                  d) work, them 

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