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Exercise 220.  
Open the brackets with either gerunds or infinitives. 
1.1 don't remember (switch off) the TV set. I'd better (go) and (check) it. 2. The weather is very 
nice. Let's (go) for a swim. — I am not particularly good at (swim). What about (go) for a drive 
instead of (bathing)? 3. We stopped once (buy) some food, and then we stopped again (ask) the 
way. 4. Do you feel like (dine) out or would you rather (have) dinner at home? — I'd like (go) 
out. I always enjoy (have) dinner at a restaurant. 5.1 don't mind (travel) by bus but I hate (stand) 
if there are a lot of people. I think it's better (go) by tube. 6. Would you like (come) to the 
conference devoted to the theatre? — No, thanks. I like (see) performances but I don't enjoy 
(listen) to people talking about it. 7. I'm delighted (hear) that you can come for the weekend. We 
are all looking forward to (see) you. 8. The autumn is wonderful! You got used to (swim) in 
September, so remember (bring) your bathing suit. 9.1 remember (lend) that book to you. You 
wanted (write) a report. — Oh, I'm so sorry! I'll bring it back tonight. 10. When would you like 
(start off)? — In a few moments. — Let's (wait) till it stops (snow) otherwise we may get lost. 
11. Do you remember (meet) her at my birthday party? — Yes, certainly. Thank you for the 
chance (meet) such a beautiful and witty girl. 12. The results are very disappointing, I regret 
(say). I allow you (to rewrite) the test. But I allow (rewrite) on condition everyone is present. 13. 
You know I meant (buy) something for supper but the shop was closed. — OK. It means (have) 
sandwiches and tea for supper. 

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