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Exercise 214. 
Fill in the blanks with prepositions after, before, by, on, without. 
1. What did she mean___boasting like this? 2. His knowledge has improved___taking a training 
course. 3. He could tell the funniest story___smiling. 4.___ entering the house she rushed to the 
telephone___greeting anybody. 5. You can keep healthy and fit___jogging in the morning. 6. 
Where did he go___finishing his work? 7.___writing an article about the events he must go to 
the place where they are taking place. 8.___hearing a woman's cry he jumped up from his seat. 
9.___ going through the customs office he went aboard the plane. 10. She was upset___not 
getting an answer from him. 
Exercise 215.  
Fill in the blanks with proper gerunds (use the verbs in the box). 
Send   call   go   take   speak   find    accomplish   come   part   laugh   gamble    explain  steal 
Cheat   support    live    take    buy    

1, He has succeeded in___a difficult task and we are proud of him. 2. You should ask him for 
help. It seems to me that he is very good at___everything. 3, Mr. Grimsby hasn't got enough 
experience. I am against___in our work and I object___to the conference. 4. The audience 
burst out___at the sight of the monkey going through different tricks. 5. Do you know he has 
given up___? 6.1 don't insist on ___there by plane. 7. Though nobody suspected him of___, his 
companions accused him of_______ them when he was responsible for___goods for their 
company. 8. They are engaged in___new people for their firm. 9. Why do you persist in___him? 
10. He is fed up with___alone. He is looking forward to his family___ in two days. 11. They 
prevented us from___rash steps. 12. She feels like___too much when she drinks a glass of 
champagne. 13. He decided against___her again. 
Exercise 216.  
Fill in the blanks with prepositions or adverbs where necessary. 
1. The policeman accused him ___exceeding the speed limit. 2. She has been dreaming___flying 
to the Bahamas. 3. The rain prevented him___going to the country. 4. They have  
decided___buying a new car. 5. He succeeded___being promoted. 6.1 feel___staying 
at home. It is rather cold. Let's watch a new film on TV instead___going to the picnic. 7. She is 
fed_______ staying in the village. 8. He went to the disco despite ___having a headache. 9. She 
is looking_______playing the leading part in the performance. 10.1 think it's no use  ___ trying 
to get him home.  11. Everybody congratulated her___passing the exam so well. 12. He 
is not very good___taking decisions quickly. 13. They don't approve___her getting married to 
James. 14. The police suspect him___drug smuggling. 15. We have difficulty___installing the 
new equipment.  
Exercise 217.  
Paraphrase the sentences using the gerunds. Use prepositions or adverbs where necessary 
(gerundial phrases are in bold type). 
Example: We have no objections. They may leave at once. — We have no objections to their 
leaving at once. 

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