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Exercise 210.  
Complete the following sentences with gerunds formed from the verbs in the box. 
buy         comment 
answer            sign 
pay                 help 
recognize        make go                     see 
1.___big prices for famous pictures is now a wealthy man's way of___taxation. 2. English 
grammar is very difficult and few writers have avoided___mistakes. 3. Maurice was saved 
from___.by Kate's entry with the tray. 4 The elderly ladies enjoyed___who came in and 
out,___old friends, and___unfavourably how these had aged. 5. Of course the contract is 
mutually beneficial and he is all for___it. 6. The important part of his life is___people. 7. Parks 
at night is a dangerous place to walk. Avoid___there after darkness. 8. Father suggested 
___a new machine.  
Exercise 211.  
Make up sentences using gerunds. 
1. Forgive (I, take up) so much of your time. 2. Do you mind (he, join) us? 3. Does he feel like 
(stay) here for another week? 4.1 appreciate (you, encourage) him when he failed in his 
experiment. 5. Do you know the reason for (he, feel) disappointed? 6. "It's no good (you, hate) 
it," he said becoming didactic. 7. Only the other day they had been talking about (something, 
happen), 8, She was listening hard all the time for any sound of (Jan, descend) the stairs. 9. He 
wishes he'd never told you the truth but it's no use (he, deny) it. 10. Cursing himself for (not 
learn) to drive a car he woke up Toni. 11. Of course, I should insist on (you, accept) the proper 
professional fee. 12. Bob was feeling rather unwell, and was not really looking forward to (we, 
visit) him. 13. My father thinks I am not capable of (earn) my own living. 14. He warned us that 
there was no point in (we, arrive) half an hour earlier. 15. They were talking about (she, give up) 
the job and (go) to live in the country. 

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