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Unit 15 Causative Verbs 
and Have / Got something done 
Exercise 202.  
Write sentences in the way shown. 
Example: He did not paint the walls. — He had (got) them painted. 
1. He did not fix the fridge. 2.1 did not wash the floor. 3. She did not type the article, 4. He did 
not translate the letter. 5. They did not repair the house. 6.1 did not wash the car. 7. She did not 
make the dress. 8. He did not cook supper. 9. He did not iron the shirt. 10. They did not build the 
Exercise 203.  
Choose the right variant. 
1. Get your children (to feel/feel/felt) responsible for their studies. 2. She had her husband (to 
entertain/ entertain/entertained) the guests while she was making tea. 3. He got them (to 
pay/pay/paid) for the damage. 4. She had her carpets (to clean/clean/cleaned). 5. He couldn't get 
the dog (to rise/rise/risen). 6. She had the porter (to carry/carry/carried).her luggage. 7. She got 
her baggage (to carry/carry/carried) in. 8. Peter the Great got his noblemen (to have/have/had) 
their beards (to shave/shave/shaven). 9. The rebellions had the president (to leave/leave/left) the 
country. 10. She had to get the tyre (to change/change/changed). 11. The manager had his 
employees (to work/work/worked) till seven. 12. She got him (to buy/buy/bought) an expensive 
gold bracelet for her. 13. Din has his things (to wash/wash/washed) in the laundry. 14. She 
couldn't get the child (to go/go/ gone) to bed. 15. Speak to him, please; try to get him (to 
refuse/refuse/refused) this offer. 
Exercise 204. 
 Use the correct form of the verb. 
1. Her remark made everybody (feel) uncomfortable. 2. They got the manager (sign) the contract. 
3. She was made (give up) smoking. 4. They got him (sell) the car. 5. Let him (do) the task 
himself. 6. He had a fireplace (install) in the corner of the sitting room. 7. She bought a nice 
dress but she had to get the sleeves (shorten). 8. The professor let Mike (leave) the room. 9. They 
were made (hand) in their reports on Thursday. 10. He let me (decide) for myself. 11. They had 
him (contribute) to expenses. 12. The teacher got the pupils (learn) the poem by heart. 13. He 
took a lot of photos during his holiday and got them (develop). 14. The robber had the teller 
(open) the safe. 15. The opposition got the government (decrease) prices.  16. Don't let them 
(attend) the conference. 17. They were made (go) to the police station. 18. He got the chairman 
(make) an announcement, 19. She made him (forget) the incident. 20. Do you let your children 

(watch) TV till late at night? 21.1 got my son (shave) his moustache. 22. Let your children (have) 
tastes in music different from yours. 
Exercise 205.  
Find and correct the mistakes if any. 
1. My mother won't let anybody to think ill of him. 2. It was so difficult for me to get him to 
believe us again. 3. The party was dull, and we decided to tell stories to make the time to pass. 4. 
Nick got Mary given him a lift to the school. 5. He will try to get her to replace him. 6. Let's to 
try to get them join our company. 7. She got the telephone to repair. 8. The thought of his 
coming made me to feel ill. 9. The wind made the windows rattled. 10. They must have the 
problem settle. 11. She had the secretary to make another copy. 12. He had the copy to make. 13. 
They did their best to make themselves agreeing to the proposal. 14. He changed his mind to 
have his house to paint green, 15. Let him choosing his friends himself. 16. Your enthusiasm 
makes me to feel young again. 17. She had a desire let her life to go on as though nothing had 
happened. 18. The director got his paper to type. 19. The teacher made the girl do the exercise 
again. 20. What makes you to think so? 21. The boy was made to water the garden. 22. She is 
getting her hair to cut tomorrow. 23. She did not let her daughter to go to discos. 24. Let's try to 
have him come to the party. 25.1 got him to go to India. 

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