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The Complex Subject 
Exercise 197.  
Open the brackets and use the Complex Subject. 
Example: He is thought (study) now. — He is thought to be studying now. 155 
1. He is considered (be) a good musician. 2. They are thought (go away) some days ago. 3. 
James is expected (make) a report next Wednesday. 4. Steve is known (help) them to solve a 
problem when they were in trouble. 5. Mozart is known (compose) a lot of wonderful pieces of 
music. 6. The film is considered (be) the worst of the year. 7. She is supposed (work) in the 
laboratory from 2 to 6 p.m. tomorrow. 8. They are known (make) a new discovery a month ago. 
9. He is expected (manage) the business himself. 10. He is said (be) at the customs office now. 
11. The delegation is reported (leave) Prague tonight at ll a.m. 12. They are known (live) in 
Egypt for a long time. 13. He is believed (work) at an urgent problem now. 
Exercise 198.  
Change these sentences using be likely, be unlikely, be .sure. 
Example: He may come on Sunday. — He is likely to come on Sunday. She may not allow us to 
go there. — She is unlikely to allow us to go there. They will certainly help us. — They are sure 
to help us. 
1. They may have a good time in the bar tonight. 2. He will certainly win this match. 3. The 
plane may not reach the place of destination on time. 4. You may miss the train unless you hurry. 
5. She may not go by plane. 6. He may not be invited to the conference. 7. They will certainly 
get married soon. 8. They may not follow my recommendations. 9. They may go on a world tour. 
10. This picture will certainly be the best at the exhibition. 

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