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Exercise 180.  
Open the brackets and choose the Infinitive in the Active or Passive Voice. 
1. They are glad (invite/be invited) to the party. 2.1 don't like (interrupt/be interrupted). 3. He 
will be happy (see/be seen) you. 4.1 was glad (meet/be met) at the station. 5. Children like 
(tell/be told) tales and always (listen/be listened) to them with interest. 6.1 did not think 
(interrupt/be interrupted) you. 7. He is glad (send/be sent) abroad. 8. He likes (ask/be asked) his 
professor questions, 9. He does not like (ask/be asked) questions because he does not know how 

to answer them. 10. Be careful with him. He is a very resentful person. He can't bear (joke/be 
joked at). 11. He does not like (laugh/be laughed) at other people. 12. Look, a ship can 
(see/beseen) in thedistance. Can you (see/be seen) it? 
Exercise 181. 
 Change the sentences according to the examples. 

Example: It is simple to solve this problem. — This problem is simple to solve.  
It is difficult to speak to such people. — Such people are difficult to speak to. 
1. It is expensive to buy a mink coat. 2. It is impossible to get a good dinner in our canteen. 3. It 
was difficult to start an engine in such cold weather. 4. It is dangerous to stand on this ladder. 5. 
It is rather difficult to deal with stubborn people. 6. It is dangerous to drive a car in big cities. 7. 
It is interesting to meet new people. 8. It is simple to'communicate with people due to Internet. 9. 
It was unpleasant to watch their quarrel. 10. It is always funny to listen to him. 
Example: He came to the party the last. — He was the last to come to the party. 
1. He is the only one among us who gave up smoking. 2.1 was the next who spoke on the topic. 
3, He was the first who raised this question. 4. She was the second who got an excellent mark. 5. 
Paul was the last who greeted me. 6. She 13 the first who was fired. 7. He was the only one who 
jumped with a parachute. 8.1 am the next who will be interviewed. 9. He was the only one who 
could speak Japanese. 10.1 was the first who noticed the mistake. 11. His horse came in the race 
the last. 12. She was the first among us who recognized them. 

Example: It was the best time when she could find them at home. — It was the best time for her 
to find them at home. 
1. Here is a simple English book that you can read. 2. The first thing they must do when they 
arrive is to phone home. 3. This is a problem you should solve by yourself. 4. There is nothing 
that we can add. 5. These are children you can play with. 6. It is not a question you may laugh at. 
7. There is nothing that we can do now. 8. These are nice flowers you can buy. 9. It was a little 
town where they could live a quiet life. 10. It is quite natural that they will get married. 

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