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The role of Abai’s heritage in the spiritual upbringing of the younger generation


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2. The role of Abai’s heritage in the spiritual upbringing of the younger generation

The main poet of the Kazakh people - A.Qunanbaiuly's legacy, which was a spiritual food for the country, has a special role in educating the younger generation to spiritual morality. The poet wrote many poems in order to open the eyes and awaken the hearts of the people living in the siege of the feudal era. In his poems he called on the people to get an education, to master science, to study art, to work. It can be seen in the poems "Do not be proud without science", "Read on the Internet", "Do not be greedy", "My goal is to sharpen my tongue and make art". . However, with his intelligence, patience, perseverance, loyalty and compassion for his country, he did his best. He never gave up. He remade into songs every event that he saw with his own eyes, heard with his own ears, made his heart rejoice and distressed his soul. He invited his people to study, knowledge and art. He encouraged people to think long and hard, to breathe freely, to live well, to bring up their children in a positive way, to learn the culture of another country, while preserving their traditions.

The works of Abai Qunanbayuly have a special role in the moral and patriotic education of students. By reading the poet's poem "Pride without science", a child who first enters school learns five noble deeds - hard work, deep thought, contentment, compassion, gossip, lies, pride, laziness, idleness.

Don't be greedy for anything.

If you are an artist, be the best.

You are a brick in the world too.

Find your place and get laid!

Through his poems he calls to find his place in life and to serve people faithfully. He wrote the key points as a result of his poems in his instructive black words full of wisdom. A person lives with two traits, one is to eat, drink, sleep, and the other is to demand, to know, to learn. Such people are critical of everything ... (seventh black word), telling students to eradicate laziness, ignorance, laziness, jealousy, envy, greed, jealousy and other negative qualities in order to become a true patriot of the country. It calls for the accumulation of human qualities that enlighten the soul, to balance the strength, mind and heart, to earn a living by honest work, to fight for the country, the motherland, the land to the last drop of blood, to preserve the language, religion, history and traditions.


Abai called the country to purity of spirit and soul, preached good manners and ethics. "If I didn't love my people and feel sorry for them, I wouldn't trust them with my noble thoughts," he said. He calls his people to be friends with other nations, to learn from them, to follow their lofty ideals and truths.

Abai Qunanbaiuly was the first founder of the national written literature. The name of Abai is in the literature of the peoples of the world along with Shakespeare, Pushkin and Goethe. Abai's literary heritage has become a spiritual and cultural heritage of all mankind, including his people.

The voice of Abai, who lived in the XIX century, echoes the voice of the Kazakh people in the XXI century."The purpose of human life is perfection and maturity," said Abai. If we look deeper in the proverb of Qunanbaiuly, it shows the development of the body, strength, mind, as well as spiritual maturity. On November 12, 2017 in the article of President Nursultan Nazarbayev "Focus on the future: spiritual renewal": and the emphasis on science is a great insight and a driving force for the nation's rapid advancement. This is the work being done for the happy future and secure future of our independent country, - he said. From this we see a clear picture of the continuity of generations.


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