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Reading literacy
Instructions: Read the text carefully and do the tasks on the text correctly.

At the customs house

A Frenchwoman decided to go to Great Britain for a holiday. She booked a seat for a plane as she wanted to get there as soon as possible. At the booking – office she found out that it would take her only two hours to get to London. She was very happy. She hurried home and began packing her things as she was afraid to leave something important behind. After she had packed everything, she found, that she had two big suit-cases. She ordered a taxi in advance to come to the airport on time.
On the day of her flight, she checked her things again, when she suddenly remembered about her nice little dog. She could not leave the dog at home as there was no one who would look after it. So, she decided to take the dog to GB.
The flight was very pleasant. The Frenchwoman thought that nobody noticed her dog. But just before the plane landed one of the passengers who was sitting near the woman told her that the English did not let foreigners bring dogs to their country. The woman did not know what to do. When the plane landed, she put the dog under her coat and went to the Customs House. The dog was so little that she hoped the Customs officer wouldn’t notice it. At the Custom’s House she filled in all the necessary forms and came up to the Customs officer, who looked at her big suit-cases and asked if she had anything to declare.
“Oh, no,” she answered, “all the things are for my own use.”
“But do you know that you can’t bring dogs to this country?” asked the officer.
“But I have no dog,” answered the lady.
‘Then I understand the tail which is hanging down below your coat is your own,” said the Customs Officer. (300 words)

    1. The Booking –office is…

  1. the place where you can buy books

  2. the office where you can read magazines and books

  3. a library

  4. the place where you can buy tickets

  5. a reading hall

    1. To leave something behind means…

  1. to come back

  2. to return

  3. to forget

  4. to go away

  5. to throw away

    1. The woman decided to go to GB by plane because…

  1. she enjoyed travelling by plane

  2. she wanted to get there as soon as possible

  3. she hated travelling by train

  4. she didn’t book tickets on train

  5. she missed her train

    1. False statement:

  1. The little dog was taken by her because she was attached to it

  2. The woman realized that she had taken two big suit-cases

  3. The Frenchwoman thought that nobody noticed her little dog

  4. Having filled in all the necessary papers she came up to the Customs Officer

  5. The dog was so little that she hoped the Customs officer wouldn’t notice it

    1. True statement:

  1. The destination chosen by the Frenchwoman was London

  2. The passenger who was sitting near her told her pleasant news

  3. She decided to take the cat to Great Britain

  4. She didn’t know how much time it would take to get to GB

  5. Her luggage was heavy and she decided to order a taxi in advance

  1. What unpleasant news did she hear from the passenger in the plane?

  1. The passenger announced about the bad weather

  2. The passenger told her that British are not hospitable

  3. The passenger told her that the flight was late

  4. The passenger told her that the English did not let foreigners to bring dogs to GB

  5. The Passenger said that the English liked neither dogs nor cats

  1. The Customs Officer found out that the woman brought the dog to GB because…

  1. It was barking

  2. It was hanging down below her coat

  3. the little dog was noisy

  4. the little dog was squeaking

  5. he noticed that the woman was anxious

  1. The woman did not know what to do because…

  1. she couldn’t carry her heavy luggage

  2. nobody met her at the airport

  3. because the passenger told her unpleasant news

  4. her clothes were uncomfortable

  5. the rain was pouring

  1. Found out means…

  1. to like something

  2. to understand

  3. to believe

  4. to remember

  5. to create

  1. The story is about…

    1. an amazing case in the customs house

    2. an adventure in GB

    3. a woman travelling abroad

    4. the rules in the Customs House

    5. about the travelling all over the world

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