Микроорганизм адамның зиянсыз серігі ретінде өмір сүре ме немесе қоздыра ма, ауру тудыра ма, микроорганизмдердің табиғатына және адамның табиғи қорғаныс күштерінің жағдайына байланысты

Summarize the text using the following expressions


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Summarize the text using the following expressions.

The title of the text reads as following Infection.

In the first first paragraph it is stated that the microorganisms are tiny living creatures, such as bacteria and viruses. Microorganisms are present everywhere. Despite their overwhelming abundance, relatively few of the thousands of species of microorganisms invade, multiply, and produce illness in people.

Many microorganisms live on the skin and in the mouth, upper airways,

intestine, and genitals (particularly the vagina) without causing disease.

Whether a microorganism lives as a harmless companion to a person or

invades and causes disease depends on the nature of the microorganism and

on the state of the person's natural defenses.

In the second paragraph it is for the infection diseases. Infectious diseases are usually caused by microorganisms that invade the body and multiply. Invasion by most microorganisms begins when they adhere to a person's cells. Adherence is a very specific process, involving «lock-and-key» connections between the microorganism and cells in the person's body! Whether the microorganism remains near the invasion site or spreads to other sites depends on such factors as whether it produces toxins, enzymes, or other substances. For example, Clostridium tetani in an infected wound produces a toxin that causes tetanus.

In trid paragraph it is Many disease-causing microorganisms have properties that increase the severity of the diseases they cause (virulence) and help them resist the body's defense mechanisms. For example, some bacteria produce enzymes that break down tissue, allowing the infection to spread faster.

Some microorganisms have ways of blocking the body's defense mechanisms. For example, a microorganism may be able to interfere with the body's production of antibodies or T-cells (a type of white blood cell) specifically armed to attack them. Others have outer coats (capsules) that resist being ingested by white blood cells. The fungus Cryptococcus actually develops a thicker capsule after it enters the lungs for the specific purpose of resisting the invaded body's defenses. Some bacteria resist being split open (lysed) by substances circulating in the bloodstream. Some even produce substances that counter the effects of antibiotics.

The text ended with protect people against infection. Hand washing is an

effective way of preventing the transmission of infectious microorganisms

from one person to another. Hand washing is particularly important for people

who handle food or who have frequent physical contact with other people.

Sometimes, to prevent an infection, antibiotics are given to people who

do not yet have an infection. This preventive measure is called prophylaxis.

Vaccination also can prevent infections. People who are at increased risk

of developing infections (especially infants, children, older people, and people

with AIDS) should receive all the vaccinations necessary to reduce this risk.

I con clusion I want to say some microorganisms are part of our life. Despite this, we must avoid pathogen microorganisms. Therefore, we must adhere to hygienic and preventive measures.

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