Комплект контрольно-оценочных средств по учебной дисциплине огсэ. 03 Иностранный язык (английский)

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a) will get; b) will have got

5. He (sleep) when you come back tonight.

a) will sleep; b) will be sleeping

6. By the time I come they (go).

a) will go; b) will have gone

4 Past Simple или Past Progressive

1. I … down the street yesterday when I saw a man I know.

a) walked; b) was walking

2. She … at the bus stop when it started to rain.

a) stood; b) was standing

3. He … near the beach when he saw a shark.

a) was surfing; b) surfed

4. We were waiting for the boat when the police … .

a) was arriving; b) arrived

5. My brother … TV while I was listening to music.

a) watched; b) was watching

6. Nick … a new guitar in January.

a) was buying; b) bought

7. We … in a hotel in Vienna last summer.

a) stayed; b) were staying

8. She … as a cook when she met her husband.

a) worked; b) was working

9. While Susan … down in the lift, it stopped

a) went; b) was going

10. What … Cathy … when you were at home.

a) was … doing; b) did … do
5 Past Simple или Present Perfect

1. Sarah … her key.

a) lost; b) have lost; c) has lost

2. Mr McKein … Egypt several times.

a) visited; b) have visited; c) has visited

3. I … to London two months ago.

a) have been; b) was; c) have gone

4. She … to us yet.

a) didn’t write; b) hasn’t written; c) doesn’t write

5. Last Sunday I … the National Gallery.

a) visited; b) have visited; c) did visit

6. When I was a child I … in the country.

a) have lived; b) was lived; c) lived

7. How long … in New York?

a) have you been; b) have you gone; c) did you be

8. When … to the library?

a) did you go; b) have you gone; c) have you been

9. I … in Dublin since March.

a) wasn’t; b) hasn’t been; c) haven’t been

10. They … married a month ago.

a) got; b) have got; c) getted

6 Past Simple или Past Perfect

1. I (wake up) early and got out of bed.

a) woke up; b) had woken up

2. I got out of bed an hour later I (wake up).

a) woke up; b) had woken up

3. We were late. The meeting (start) an hour before.

a) started; b) had started

4. She was the most delighted person I (ever / meet).

a) ever met; b) had ever met

5. That morning she (dress), (phone) somebody, and went out.

a) dressed a) phoned

b) had dressed b) had phoned
Вариант – 2

1. Present Simple или Present Progressive

1. I … to speak to Dan.

a) wants; b) want; c) am wanted

2. He usually … coffee for breakfast.

a) have; b) has; c) is having

3. What … in the kitchen, Chris?

a) do you; b) are you doing; c) you do

4. I … you.

a) miss; b) misses; c) am missing

5. Jack … hard at the moment.

a) worked; b) works; c) is working

6. I … going to the park alone.

a) hate; b) am hating; c) hates

7. Hello, Peter. Where … ?

a) do you go; b) have you gone; c) are you going

8. The performance … at 7.

a) is starting; b) starts; c) start

9. Every summer we … abroad.

a) travel; b) travels; c) are traveling

10. Mary … a bath at the moment.

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