Комплект контрольно-оценочных средств по учебной дисциплине огсэ. 03 Иностранный язык (английский)

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Тема 2.6.: Моя будущая профессия
Job for life and job for love”.

From early age children like to dream about their future profession. Boys often want to be soldiers or car race driv­ers, girls - to be ballet dancers or singers ... But growing older they learn more about other professions, begin to understand the role of money in life. A difficult question appears: how to find a job that is interesting and at the same time profitable.

Some people don’t think of this problem much. They choose security - a job that brings money. They work for the rest of their lives in a sphere which is boring and irritat­ing to them. They don’t get any satisfaction out of their work, they only spend time there. Sometimes these people have problems with their health and family relationships. On the other hand, a person can’t be satisfied if he has got an interesting job which brings him money only for buying cheap food and second-hand clothes, paying rent for the flat (if he has one) and nothing more.

Sometimes people’s interests and profit coincide. We know many ex­amples from life and literature when professionals get what they deserve (remember Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes or Maugham's Julia Lambert from "Theatre", etc.). However, we know other examples when people live just on bread and water, live in a small, uncomfortable attic and work “for love”. They don’t even notice their lives are hard (a great number of scientists, men of art; from literature we can remember Maugham’s Charles Strickland from The Moon and Sixpence). Many of them sacrifice their family life and the joys of ordinary people for their work.

It all depends on one’s personality. I think one could find something attractive in every job. At least if a person hasn’t got any satisfaction from his work, he can get a hobby (col­lecting something or going in for sports). At the same time, if you are unable to earn enough money for life, you can always find another ad­ditional job or another way out.

Looking for a job, for life and love you should only have a desire for it. Believe in yourself and everything will be OK!

By Alyona Slinkina, llthform, Lyceum No. 1525 "Vorobyovy

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