Комплект контрольно-оценочных средств по учебной дисциплине огсэ. 03 Иностранный язык (английский)


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Choose the correct form.

1. Life … more agreeable if the rivers ran beer and the trees grew ham sandwiches.

A. is B. will be C. would be

2. What a pity you haven’t seen the film. If you … the film you probably … it.

A. saw A. will probably enjoy

B. had seen B. would probably have enjoyed

C. would have seen C. had probably enjoyed

3. What … you … if you … at home yesterday?

A. will do A. stay

B. would do B. had stayed

C. would have done C. would have stayed

4. You look worn out. If I … you I … a holiday.

A. were A. will take

B. have been B. would take

C. had been C. take

5. It’s a good gamble and if she … money she … it.

A. loses A. didn’t feel

B. lost B. wouldn’t feel

C. had lost C. hadn’t felt

6. If the wind … from the north this room is very cold.

A. will blow B. blows C. blew

7. And perhaps if he truly … for my return I … willingly. But I won’t.

A. wish A. will go back

B. wished B. would go back

C. would wish C. would have gone back

8. Even if they … me to stay I … . I did not like America.

A. wanted A. refuse

B. had wanted B. would refuse

C. would want C. would have refused

9. Would it be all right if I … round at about six?

A. come B. came C. will come

10. If you … at a loose end last month, you … your exam. But you failed it.

A. hadn’t been A. would have passed

B. wouldn’t have been B. would pass

C. were not C. will pass

11. But for his secretary’s absence the doctor … in the worst of tempers that morning.

A. was not B. would not be C. would not have been

12. Ann came late. She … earlier if she … the train.

A. would arrive A. catches

B. arrived B. had caught

C. would have arrived C. would have caught

13. Were she one of my best friends I … her to my birthday party last Saturday.

A. invite B. ‘d invite C. ‘d have invited

14. If we … the seats beforehand we … tickets now.

A. booked A. have

B. had booked B. would have

C. have booked C. would have had

15. If I … a launch here I … this afternoon.

A. can hire A. get off

B. could hire B. will get off

C. could have hired C. would get off
Вариант – 2.

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