Комплект контрольно-оценочных средств по учебной дисциплине огсэ. 03 Иностранный язык (английский)


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were allowed to / might / could

2. I’d like ____ play chess.

to have to / to be able to / to can

3. He said he ____ stay any longer.

Might not / couldn’t / needn’t

4. Are you sure you’ll____ get to the bottom of it?

can / be able to / may

5. We ____ not get the medicine and returned home without it.

might / had to / could

6. The boy ____ drive my car if he passes his exam.

may / will be allowed to / can

2. Choose the correct answer.

1. On the morning that I ____ to enter that house I work up filled with fear and excitement.

A. was B. had

2. She ____ not stop here. The necessity to get out was even more urgent.

A. must B. may

3. Mr. Bumble told him that it was a Board night and that the Board had said that he ____ to appear before it.

A. was B. had

4. Don’t make so much noise. We ____ wake the baby.

A. mustn’t B. don’t have to

5. The rain had stopped, so we ____ take umbrellas.

A. didn’t have to B. needn’t

6. – I’ve got a terrible headache. – You ____ take an aspirin.

A. should B. must

3. Complete these sentences using the most suitable verb in the box.

might could can have to can’t

may must not were to could not had to ought was able to are to

1. I have a thorn in my finger. I ____ remove it. 2. ____ I stay here till you return? 3. How ____ you remain friends after what has happened? 4. They were so tired that they ____ stand on their feet. 5. But that was not a method. It was a general idea that ____ lead to a method. 6. I have not finished writing my paper, so I’ll ____ do it next term. 7. You ____ touch it because it is poisonous. 8. Scientists ____ to exchange views and information. Conferences help in this. 9. They were told that they ____ continue the research work. 10. On his way he ____ cross a narrow wooden bridge over a stream. 11. The Department of Insurance has done its best it ____ with your case. 12. He wasn’t at home but I ____ contact him at his office. 13. “Well, you ____ write this exercise at home,” said the teacher.

Тема 3.10. Страдательный залог

Вариант – 1.

1. Choose the correct answer.

  1. My car … last night.

a) was damaged; b) damaged; c) has been damaged

  1. This computer … in the USA.

a) is being made; b) is made; c) was made

  1. The letter … yesterday.

  1. was posted; b) will be posted; c) posted

  1. Cheese … from milk.

  1. was made; b) is made; c) has been made

  1. The house … every year.

  1. is painted; b) is being painted; c) had painted

  1. All the students … to the party.

  1. were being invited; b) have been invited; c) invited

  1. The shoes … at the moment.

  1. are being mended; b) are mended; c) were being mended

  1. This film … by about thirty million people now

  1. is being watched; b) is watched; c) will be watched

  1. The salad … already … .

  1. was … made; b) has … been made; c) have … been made

  1. This information … to us ages ago.

а) should be given; b) should have been given; c) should be gave

2. Rewrite the sentences in the passive.

1. A post man collects the mail twice a day. 2. A van has taken the load. 3. They took books to the classroom. 4. Mum decorates the kitchen every year. 5. Tourists photographed lots of monuments. 6. Millions of people watch this TV programme. 7. They will advertise the product on TV. 8. The gardener has planted some apple-trees. 9. Look! They are repairing the bridge. 10. You should keep the flowers in a warm sunny place.

3. Open the brackets

1. These books (return) to the library yesterday. 2. The book must (return) to the library till the end of this month. 3. Why your home task (not do)? 4. The patient was taken to the hospital today, and (operate) tomorrow morning. 5. This room (use) only on special occasions. 6. Litter must not (leave) here.
Вариант – 2.

1. Choose the correct answer

  1. The machines … in Scotland.

  1. made; b) is made; c) are made

  1. The President … last night.

  1. is killed; b) was killed; c) will be killed

  1. The money … at the bank.

  1. are changed; b) changed; c) is changed

  1. The garages … every day.

  1. are cleaned; b) were cleaned; c) cleaned

  1. He … a lot of money.

  1. will give; b) has been give; c) has been given

  1. Mr. Snowdon … at the moment.

  1. is interviewed; b) was interviewed; c) is being interviewed

  1. Your car … to Edinburgh next Monday.

  1. is being driven; b) will be driven; c) was driven

  1. Miss Bennet … about the party.

  1. was told; b) has been told; c) have been told

  1. The doctor … .

  1. has been sent for; b) was sent for; c) was sended for

  1. His new play … in the other room.

  1. was read; b) is being read; c) has been read

2. Rewrite the sentences in the passive.

1. Many people attend the lecture. 2. Someone has eaten the cake. 3. He will leave the ticket on the table. 4. They were discussing the report the whole evening. 5. People speak English in many countries. 6. She has finished reading the book. 7. Everyone can see the film soon. 8. They grow bananas in Africa. 9. His parents have bought him a new bicycle. 10. They sent for the doctor.

3. Open the brackets

1. The children (take) to the circus this afternoon. 2. Dictionaries may not (use) at the examination. 3. Usually this street (sweep) every day, but it (not sweep) yesterday. 4. This book (leave) in the classroom yesterday; it (find) by me. 5. Thousands of new houses (build) every year. 6. This room (not use) for a long time.

Тема 3.11. Неличные формы глагола

Вариант – 1

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